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Top 10 Skills to Become a Successful Lawyer

There’s no doubt there are a lot of lawyers out there today. However, how many of these lawyers are actually successful in their career? A “Top 40 Under 40” Civil Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association and 10/10 AVVO rated attorney, Christian Denmon of Denmon Pearlman, shares with us his top 10 essentials […]

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Tort Law

Tort law is somewhat general and covers almost every aspect of life in America. Tort law provides economic relief for businesses that are harmed through deceptive and unfair trade practices. In the work place this area of the law protects employees from emotional distress. This area of the law also provides regulations regarding issues with […]

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Venture Capital Law

Venture capital is an investment strategy with a high risk. This type of investment is often used to fund a startup company that has a potential for growth. In 2000, the government created the Markets Venture Capital Program Act. This law allows the SBA to make regulations that are necessary to implement a venture capital […]

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Trusts & Estates Law

A trust is the right of property either personal or real that is held by one party in order to benefit another. The idea of trusts can be dated back to the early part of the 1500s when landowners in England found that conveying the legal title for their land to a third party and […]

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Transportation Law

Transportation law is a broad area of the law that deals with transport systems. Some examples of transportation laws include the requirement to have insurance on your vehicle. These insurance requirements are state laws and they vary from state to state. There are also federal regulations regarding the transport of certain materials.

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Trademark Law

Trademarks are symbols that mark a product to show that it comes from a particular source. Some of the earliest trademarks can be dated back to the Roman Empire when blacksmiths would use a trademark to show that they had made a particular sword. Samson is the first company in the United States that used […]

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Timber Law

Timber laws cover all aspects of the timber industry. This includes trespass actions, warranty issues, contract matters, taxation, and succession planning for timberland. Many of the laws that govern timber and its use are made by the states. There are some federal regulations regarding the use of timber as well.

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Technology Law

Technology law is complicated as technology is forever changing. Along with new technological advances new laws are created to help control issues that may arise. The internet has been one of the main advances in technology where laws have had trouble keeping up. There are many areas of technology law including information, internet, and civil […]

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Tax Law

Tax law covers regulatory, common-law, constitutional, and statutory rules that are applicable to taxation. Before 1776, the colonies in America were subject to taxes charged by the United Kingdom. Under the Articles of Confederation the federal government was not allowed to tax with all of the power belonging to the states.

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Statutory Law

Statutory law is written and set by a legislative act. Statutes can originate with a local municipality or with the state or national legislatures. Statutory laws are defining laws that fall under the higher constitutional laws of the country. There are statutes that exist within each branch of the government.

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