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Online Associates in Legal Studies

When it comes to obtaining a degree in legal studies a person will have the option of choosing an online degree program or participating in a legal studies program at a local college or university. There are many benefits of choosing to obtain an associate’s degree in legal studies online. Benefits of Online Associates in […]

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How a Legal Studies Degree Can Jumpstart Your Law Career

Many people consider a degree in legal studies as an entry into the world of law. It is important to understand the history of the legal field when considering a legal studies education. In the United States the legal system was developed mainly from the common law system that is found in England. Louisiana is […]

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Legal Careers

How to Become an Attorney The path to becoming an attorney can be a bit challenging. It is important to start on your path at an early age and learn great study habits while still in high school. Read more..   Border Patrol Careers In order to qualify to be a border patrol agent a […]

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