Eric Holder

Eric Holder to America’s Prosecuting Attorneys: Punish Criminals Less Harshly?

Subtlety in general is a hard-sell for those making and enforcing policy. Being “tough on drugs” and “tough on crime” is a stance that many, perhaps most, Americans find both comforting and a no-brainer. And the prospect seems straightforward enough- establishing and enforcing of tougher drug laws dissuades dealers from dealing and users from using, […]

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find a job

How to Find a Job in the Digital Age

Technology can be both a friend and a foe when trying to find a job in the digital age. Popular job search sites have made it easier to find open positions in the legal field, but they’ve also opened up the floodgates so that there will be many talented applicants all vying for one position. […]

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John Wrana killed by police

95 Year Old WW2 Veteran Refuses Medical Care, Law Enforment Use Lethal Force

Veteran John Wrana who fought for America in World War 2, is dead from a bean bag shotgun blast to the stomach. The incident apparently began after Wrana grew agitated at the staff for pressuring him for medical attention. This is very common that elderly living in assisted living facilities refuse care. What is not […]

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criminal law degree

The Value Of A Criminal Law Degree

Despite the fact that there are a lot of young lawyers coming out of law school and passing the Bar Exam, there are still plenty of great opportunities for people with a degree in criminal law and a steady demand for criminal defense attorneys. Even if your practice is in the area of prosecution, there […]

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IRS Scandal

IRS Scandal: Who was Targeted and Why?

For the first time in recent history the IRS has been knocked down a few pegs. In a hearing, lawmakers took turns calling out IRS commissioner Steven Miller for the scandalous practice of targeting groups that were thought to be conservative. What did the IRS Do? To put it simply, in a report issued by […]

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Death Sentence

Jury Decisions: Death Penalty Or Life Imprisonment?

As the trial of Jodi Arias continues to command media attention and the discussion of the case causes emotions to heat up, the issue of the death penalty is once again coming to the front and center of the public forum.  Arias, charged with the killing of former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, was just found guilty of […]

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expungement of criminal records

Expungement Bill 1482 and its Benefits for Reformed Offenders

In Indiana, the Senate made revisions to Expungement Bill 1482, passed it and sent it back to the House for approval. It seems like only a matter of time until the bill is passed into law with its bipartisan approval. The bill proposes to completely remove low-level criminal records that happened a significant amount of […]

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legal careers

Career Options for Law School Graduates

A law school graduate is suited for a wide variety of careers, and not all of them involve representing clients with respect to legal matters. While law school is, in part, a place to learn about “the law,” it’s also a place to learn how to analyze complex issues, communicate persuasively, negotiate, and resolve conflicts. […]

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Oklahoma County Community Health Network

Oklahoma County Leaders Working to Improve Services for Uninsured Residents

In late January of 2013, local and health leaders in Oklahoma County announced the creation of the Oklahoma County Community Health Network. This Network is a new a system that will make a broad effort to connect Oklahoma County’s existing free clinics with area hospitals. The hope is that these efforts will result in a […]

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U.S. slaps more New York politicians with corruption charges

NEW YORK (Reuters) – New York State Assemblyman Eric Stevenson was charged with corruption by prosecutors on Thursday, and another assemblyman was forced to resign, in the second federal graft case brought against New York politicians this week. Federal prosecutors have accused Stevenson of taking more than $22,000 in bribes in exchange for official acts, […]

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