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According to the US Department of Homeland Security (, as a Homeland Security employee, you will work to help protect the airports, US borders, waterways, and seaports of the United States as well as research and develop new technologies for security, respond to terrorist acts and natural disasters, and work on analyzing intelligence reports that are received.

Career Opportunities dhs careers

There are many unique Homeland Security career opportunities available with the DHS:

  • Law Enforcement: These careers include protecting the vice president and president along with their families as well as other individuals that have been designated such as heads of state. In addition, law enforcement officials from the Department of Homeland Security work to secure the borders of the nation and enforce immigration laws.
  • Mission Support: There are careers with the Department of Homeland Security in areas such as facilities, budget, human resources, medical, science, technology, intelligence, training, planning and coordination, civil rights, detection, fraud detection, plus many more.
  • Prevention and Response: These careers involve the protection of the public, economic, security, and environmental interests of the United States in any maritime region. In addition, people working in this area are also in charge of protection, response, and mitigation to reduce the loss of property and life and to protect the nation from any type of hazards.
  • Travel Security and Immigration: These careers involve the protection of the transportation systems throughout the nation as well as overseeing that immigration into the United States is lawful.

Getting a Homeland Security Job

Jobs available with Homeland Security are posted on the DHS job board on their website on a regular basis.

The posting will provide information about the qualifications that are required for the position.

The majority of Homeland Security careers require that you are a citizen of the United States and complete a thorough background investigation along with a drug screening.

There may be certain things that can disqualify a person from obtaining a job with the department including any felony charges, use of illegal drugs, as well as other offenses.

Each announcement will be followed with instructions on how to apply for the position.

Make sure that you read over the paperwork carefully.

You will also want to make sure to submit all of the appropriate documents.

The education requirements for a job with Homeland Security will vary based on the type of job that a person is applying for.

No matter where a person is at in their life, there is likely a job opportunity available with Homeland Security.

There are numerous internships and jobs available for individuals who are still in college or for those who have recently graduated.

In addition, the department has many jobs available for professionals in a wide variety of fields.

Salary Information by State

State Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
District of Columbia5,280$81,160$39.02$102,500$62,440
New Hampshire2,900$62,480$30.04$80,120$47,480
New Jersey20,510$90,520$43.52$128,360$51,110
New Mexico4,610$56,690$27.26$71,910$40,550
New York50,600$81,750$39.30$127,020$49,210
North Carolina20,480$51,310$24.67$70,240$37,230
North Dakota1,710$65,730$31.60$79,960$48,550
Rhode Island1,760$68,290$32.83$83,200$49,080
South Carolina11,640$49,490$23.79$65,250$36,250
South Dakota1,830$54,130$26.02$76,390$39,270
West Virginia3,190$48,310$23.23$59,520$37,070
Puerto Rico12,930$40,230$19.34$49,570$23,430

Annual Average Salary: Top 10 States

The top earning state in the field is California, where the average salary is $104,010.

These are the top 10 earning states in the field:

  • California - $104,010
  • Washington - $92,250
  • New Jersey - $90,520
  • Hawaii - $89,640
  • Alaska - $85,710
  • Illinois - $82,470
  • New York - $81,750
  • District of Columbia - $81,160
  • Colorado - $80,990
  • Oregon - $78,150
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Police and Sheriff's Patrol Officers, OCC Code 33-3051, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Benefits of Working for the Department of Homeland Security

Homeland Security careers offer competitive starting salaries to each of their employees.

In addition, employees receive health insurance, savings plans, retirement plans, paid vacations, paid federal holidays, and flexible work schedules.

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