Butte College Paralegal Programs

Butte College is located in Oroville, California. The address of the school is 3536 Butte Campus Dr. The campus of the college sits just off Clark Road or Highway 191. It can also be reached by taking Durham-Pentz Highway. The Paradise Skypark is located just down Clark Road away from the campus.

butte college paralegal

Paralegal Programs Offered

Butte College offers two different options of degree for individuals wishing to pursue a degree as a paralegal. The first is an associate of science degree in court personnel/pre-law. The other option is a certificate of achievement in court personnel/law.

Program Schedule

The program offered by the college offers a core of courses related to the law. This basic core allows individuals to specialize in several areas including pre-law or paralegal studies. The associate degree typically takes two years to complete and the certificate program can typically be completed in a year.

Program Requirements

Students that wish to enter the program should have an extremely high level of writing and reading skills. In order to complete the associate degree program students will need to complete all of the paralegal program requirements for the degree. There are 45 credit courses pertaining to law and additional general education courses required for the associate degree.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about the college and the requirements for admittance, you may contact the department office at 530-895-2401. The office for counseling and advisement can be reached at 530-895-2378. Connie Petlack is the advisor for the program and she can be reached by phone at 530-895-2506 or by email at petlackco@butte.edu.