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How to Become a Litigation Paralegal

Litigation paralegals are specialists in their field. Learning how to become a litigation paralegal is the first step towards starting a career or changing careers to become a litigation paralegal. Completing a certificate or degree program offering a litigation paralegal concentration or courses prepares students to work as entry-level litigation paralegals. Many schools offer online […]

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How to Become a Corporate Paralegal

Embarking on a career as a paralegal, particularly in the corporate sector, can be a highly fulfilling journey. Contrary to the common perception of paralegals working in law firms, corporate paralegals operate in a business environment, assisting corporations with their legal affairs. If you’ve ever aspired to become a corporate paralegal, we’re here to guide […]

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How to Become a Consumer Paralegal

Many times, paralegals are mistaken for only working in a law firm. However, there are many other areas that paralegals can specialize in. One of those being a consumer paralegal. A consumer paralegal will handle business complaints or work with consumer protection agencies. If you want to become a consumer paralegal, read our guide below. […]

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How to Become a Labor and Employment Paralegal

Labor and employment law is a specific section of the legal system related to solving labor disputes within the workplace. Most graduates of programs related to this field become human resource managers who understand specific regulations and employment laws to resolve labor-related legal issues. These professionals work for major corporations, the Federal Government, small businesses, and other companies. One […]

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How to Become a Real Estate Paralegal

Paralegals work in a wide variety of specialties, including real estate. A real estate paralegal assists a real estate attorney. If you are interested in the legal field and real estate, this may be the right career path for you. Being a real estate paralegal offers you with many job opportunities. What Is a Real […]

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How to Become a Nurse Paralegal

Nurse paralegals work within the legal system and at hospitals and doctor’s offices. If you are a nurse with an interest in the legal field, you should consider becoming a nurse paralegal. What Is a Nurse Paralegal? A nurse paralegal is typically a registered nurse, or RN, who is also a certified paralegal. Nurse paralegals […]

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How to Become a Family Law Paralegal

If you are interested in family law, you should consider becoming a family-law paralegal. You’ll work with families and an attorney to address various legal situations. It allows you to work closely with clients, and help them through tough times. What Is a Family Law Paralegal? A paralegal works under the supervision of an attorney. […]

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How to Become an Immigration Paralegal

United States immigration law is bound by the Immigration and Naturalization Act. This area of law is highly stimulating since it’s based on the principles of promoting U.S. diversity, admitting immigrants with valuable skills to the U.S. economy, and reunifying families. Paralegals work with law firms, attorneys, corporations, or the Federal Government to complete administrative […]

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How to Become an Intellectual Property Paralegal

If you are interested in intellectual property or copyright law, but don’t want to attend law school, becoming an intellectual property paralegal can be a great choice. You’ll work with attorneys, with no law school required. What Is an Intellectual Property Paralegal? Paralegals, including intellectual property paralegals, work with lawyers to provide a variety of […]

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How to Become a Bankruptcy Paralegal

Are you considering a career as a bankruptcy paralegal? A bankruptcy paralegal is just one of several different types of paralegals. As a bankruptcy paralegal, your main duty is to assist attorneys throughout the bankruptcy process. A career as a bankruptcy paralegal can be gratifying. But how do you become one? Do you need a […]

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How to Become a Paralegal Specialist

A paralegal specialist has a prestigious position within a law firm. While they must work under an attorney, they perform many legal duties on their own. They are also responsible for supervising other paralegals in the firm. What Is a Paralegal Specialist? A paralegal specialist is a paralegal who has the education and experience to […]

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How to Become an Entry-Level Paralegal

Working in the justice system can be a fantastic experience, as you’ll get to work alongside experienced lawyers and learn the industry from top to bottom. If you’re interested in law, the first step is to become a paralegal. There are different paralegal levels, with the first being an entry-level position. Below, we’ll introduce you […]

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How to Become a Freelance Paralegal

There are countless opportunities within the paralegal profession, with an estimated job growth of 4 percent from 2022-2032, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Most paralegals are employed by the Federal Government, corporations, or law firms, but another surprising option is to become a freelance paralegal. There has never been a better time to […]

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How to Become an Estate Planning Paralegal

Estate planning paralegals have a high level of responsibility and autonomy. They work under an attorney, but perform many legal duties on their own with the attorney overseeing their work. If you find this field interesting, you should consider this challenging career. What Is an Estate Planning Paralegal? Estate planning paralegals are paralegals that specialize […]

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How to Become a Legal Researcher In 5 Steps – Career Guide

Understanding the law and basic concepts of the court system is the underlying role of a Legal Researcher. A Legal Researcher helps lawyers and other personnel in a law firm by finding the necessary information about laws by compiling proper facts to uphold a case. Those who have a great understanding of the legal process […]

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How to Become a Paralegal

A paralegal is a person who performs legal work. They assist an attorney with the attorney’s duties. Most of the time, they have formal legal training. They’re not a licensed attorney, and they can’t appear in court. However, they can assist an attorney with many of their duties. A lawyer can use a paralegal’s work […]

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Becoming a Paralegal in Arizona

There are a number of jobs for individuals interested in becoming a paralegal in Arizona. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010 there were almost 5000 paralegals employed in the state, with almost 75% of them working at law firms. The two biggest law firms in the state are Snell & Wilmer which […]

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Arizona Western College

Arizona Western College is located in Yuma, Arizona on East 24th Street. The college can be reached easily by taking Highway 95 to South Ave 8 East. The campus offers a baseball field, soccer field, postal service, child development learning lab as well as a music theatre and several dorms. There is a Little Caesar’s […]

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Brown Mackie College, Phoenix

Brown Mackie College is located on Black Canyon Highway in Phoenix Arizona. Black Canyon Highway is also Interstate 17. The college is located right next to the Westown II Shopping Center and the Calvary Book Store. The RSD Online High School is located near the campus as well. Paralegal Programs Offered Brown Mackie College offers […]

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Everest College

Everest College offers two campuses in Arizona, one is located in Phoenix, and the other is located in Mesa. The Phoenix campus is located in the greater metropolitan area of the city on 25th Street. Cave Creek Park is located right next to the building. The Mariners Village Shopping Center is just down the road. […]

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