What Is Internet Law?

The internet has created a whole new area of the law because of the unique way it is structured.

There are many judicial concerns when it comes to the use of the Internet.

The internet is not bound by geography and for this reason, national laws cannot be applied.

This area of the law is still being researched and more fully developed.

Michael Morales

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Michael Morales is the Webmaster and Editor in Chief for Legalcareerpaths.com. With a strong background in Web Publishing and Internet Marketing, he currently works as an independent consultant. A former paramedic and ems educator, he enjoys punishing himself doing triathlons and endurance sports. Michael currently lives in sunny Northern California, home of the highest tax rates in the world.

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    Alice Ackerman #

    One of the challenges in internet law is keeping up with rapid technological advancements and the resulting legal implications, making it an intellectually stimulating field.

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    Ricardo Valeriano #

    With the Internet’s global nature, internet lawyers often work on international cases and cooperate with legal experts worldwide.

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