Yavapai College

Yavapai College is located in Prescott, Arizona on East Sheldon Street. The college campus sits right next to Whipple Park. Cattleman’s Bar & Grill is located just down the road from the college. JB restaurant is located across the street from campus. The Smoki Museum and Ken Lindley Park are just a few blocks away from the college as well.

Paralegal Programs Offered

The paralegal degree offered through Yavapai is an associate degree in paralegal studies. The program is designed to prepare students to become employed as a paralegal directly. Students that wish to pursue further education in the field, such as their bachelor’s degree will need to meet with an academic advisor to ensure their educational plan will meet their specific goals.

Program Schedule and Requirements

Yavapai College offers paralegal courses year round. Classes are available both on campus and online. Not all paralegal courses are offered each semester so it is important to plan your schedule of required courses accordingly.

The program consists of required major core courses as well as general education courses. An internship is included as part of the required curriculum for the degree. The paralegal studies program will take approximately two years to complete, based on the number of courses a student chooses to take each semester.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about the program you may contact one of the following:

Laura Moore, Instructional Assistant
Phone: 928-776-2157
Email: Laura.Moore@yc.edu

Ruth Harrison, Program Director
Phone: 928-776-2163
Email: Ruth.Harrison@yc.edu

Russ Roberts, Dean of Business
Phone: 928-776-2162
Email: Russ.Roberts@yc.edu