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How to become an FBI agent

Careers with the FBI

FBI agents have a challenging  job conducting national security investigations that can be extremely sensitive. The work of FBI agents require the professionals to enforce over 300 federal statutes. The Federal Bureau of Investigations work entails enforcing criminal laws but also includes intelligence responsibilities. In short, their objecitve is to protect and defend the U.S. against terrorist, […]

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U.S. Constitution, Obama Gun Control

The Constitutionality of Gun Control

Gun control and the Second Amendment to the Constitution are widely discussed topics on a fairly consistent basis. The debate over gun control and a person’s right to bear arms becomes more intense in the aftermath of an incident that involved the use of a gun, like the recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. […]

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career as a judge

I’ll be the Judge of That!

A judge is a person who makes sure those hearings and trials are handled fairly in regard to the laws. A judge will preside over cases that may involve civil disputes, traffic violations, and business disputes. In cases where juries are called on to make decisions regarding the outcome of the case, a judge will […]

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Studying Law Degrees Remotely

A Guide For Studying Law Degrees Remotely

The landscape of legal education is evolving, with more students opting to study law remotely. This guide explores various online law degrees, including the unique MBA in Criminal Justice, providing insights to help prospective students navigate their educational journey. Choosing the Right Program Selecting the right law program involves considering accreditation, as employers may not […]

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