U.S. Constitution, Obama Gun ControlThe Constitutionality of Gun Control

Despite the current position of the Supreme Court on gun possession for a lawful purpose generally, some level of debate persists regarding the exact meaning of the Second Amendment itself. Read more..



Legal Assistant Pre-requisites

Paralegal Program Pre-requisites

One of the most vital people within a law firm is the paralegals, also known as legal assistants.

These individuals are hired, educated, and trained to work directly under the supervision of a lawyer or an attorney.

Levels of education for paralegals vary. Read more..


Becoming an attorney

Becoming an Attorney

Most law schools will not worry about the particular subject area that a person majors in and choosing a subject that is particularly difficult can actually be a disadvantage as your GPA could suffer as a result. Read more..



Becoming a chief legal officer What Is a Chief Legal Officer?

Chief legal officers have the responsibility of overseeing every legal aspect of a business.

The majority of the time a chief legal officer will advise the business when changes are made to the laws and also sets up training on legal matters for employees when applicable. Read more..


Police Officer Career OpportunitiesLaw Enforcement Careers

A uniformed police officer has general duties that include responding to emergency calls and maintaining a regular patrol.

Uniformed officers may direct traffic after an accident, investigate robberies, or provide first aid to a victim in an accident. Read more..

What is LL.M.?Master of Laws LL.M.

The classes that a person takes for a Master of Law degree program will depend on the type of LL.M. that is being pursued.

There are core classes in the particular area of the law that must be completed. Read more..

Border Patrol CareersHow to Become a Border Patrol Agent 

Anyone who is planning a career in the border patrol will need to understand that the training academy is extremely demanding.

Once a person is accepted into the training academy they will spend 58 days learning both federal law enforcement and border patrol subjects.  Read more..

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