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How to Become a Gunsmith In 4 Steps – Career Guide

People who have a knack for building, repairing, and cleaning firearms can have a lucrative career as a Gunsmith. A Gunsmith is someone who has knowledge of how firearms work and can disassemble, modify, design, repair, and reassemble guns in a safe and timely manner. From custom firearms to historic rifles, gunsmiths will get their […]

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Doug Lipsky

Working as an Employment Lawyer – Interview with Douglas Lipsky

Douglas Lipsky, a practicing employment attorney and co-founding partner of Lipsky Lowe, LLP was kind enough to grant us an interview with him to help gain some insight into what it’s like being an employment lawyer. Thanks, Doug for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with us. Can you begin by telling us […]

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find a job

How to Find a Job in the Digital Age

Technology can be both a friend and a foe when trying to find a job in the digital age. Popular job search sites have made it easier to find open positions in the legal field, but they’ve also opened up the floodgates so that there will be many talented applicants all vying for one position. […]

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Working on a laptop

How to Create Engaging Surveys for Classroom Projects

Surveys are a vital tool in classroom projects, offering a way to gather data and insights effectively. They engage students, encouraging active participation in the learning process. Creating engaging surveys is key to capturing students’ attention and ensuring meaningful responses. This guide will explore how to craft surveys that resonate with student audiences, enhancing the […]

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