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How to Start a Career in Law

I Have a Law Degree: Now What? Congratulations! So you’ve struggled through what feels like fifty-eight years of higher education, and you’ve finally won the degree in law you craved for so long. Now, it’s sitting on your mantle in a golden frame collecting dust–a symbol of what you can do when you put your […]

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find a job

How to Find a Job in the Digital Age

Technology can be both a friend and a foe when trying to find a job in the digital age. Popular job search sites have made it easier to find open positions in the legal field, but they’ve also opened up the floodgates so that there will be many talented applicants all vying for one position. […]

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Get a Job at a Law Firm

How to Get a Job at a Law Firm

Embarking on a career in the legal field requires more than just qualifications. It involves understanding the nuances of how to effectively navigate the professional landscape of law firms. This article serves as a comprehensive guide for those aspiring to work in a law firm, covering key aspects such as crafting an effective resume, understanding […]

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