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Basic Terms

Every guest poster will receive a paragraph bio with up to 2 links, please add a picture of yourself or a relevant logo.

We only publish posts written by humans, so make sure you have a Gravatar registered to the email you use for your submission or provide us with a URL where we can copy the image.

If neither of these are available, then we’ll simply ask you to email an image that we can use.

Small square image files are best for avatars, e.g. approx. 10K or smaller

You can add one link within the content of your post so long as it is topic-related and doesn’t link out to a site of poor quality or one that is unrelated to your article.

Once we accept a post for publication we own the rights to it and that means you agree and you have not and will not publish it on your own blog or use it anywhere else once we have notified you that it has been accepted.

We reserve the right to reject any post for any reason.

If you have not received a confirmation that your post has been accepted within 48 hours, it has not been accepted and you retain the rights to the article and may submit it somewhere else if you like. submit a guest post

How to Submit a Guest Post

Before you submit a guest post, please save yourself and us some time.

Submit only articles and news that are relevant to legal careers, law enforcement, criminal justice, recent legislation, and government.

Any subject that relates to any of the articles on our legal careers page is generally an acceptable topic to write on.

You can also get an idea of the type of information that we publish by visiting the home page.

Irrelevant posts will not be accepted.

We pay close attention to local, and world news and current events.

Posts of this nature always get the most buzz, especially if your article is really good and informative.

Lastly, please include your sources.

Do not hyperlink the sources, but please include them at the bottom of your article.

Response Time

We guarantee that every guest post will be reviewed within 48 hours.

Your patience is appreciated.

We may make minor edits to your post if there are typos or grammatical errors.

By submitting your post, you agree with and grant permission to make those minor changes.

Changes include spelling errors, grammar errors, typos, and other minor word-level changes.

Profanity will also be edited.

If we discover your guest post or any portion of it has been duplicated or consists of any plagiarism, your article will be removed and you will no longer be allowed to guest post here.

If you’ve got a great post that will fit with our niche, please submit it for review by clicking the link.

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    Paul Scott #

    I had a hard time finding this. I will definitely submit a few articles and I hope it can be approved soon. Thanks!

  2. Avatar
    Kim Dukart #

    I want to submit an article but I want it to be published anonymously because I don’t want to upset anyone. I will try to submit a guest post soon!

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