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Eric Holder

Eric Holder to America’s Prosecuting Attorneys: Punish Criminals Less Harshly?

Subtlety in general is a hard sell for those making and enforcing policy. Being “tough on drugs” and “tough on crime” is a stance that many, perhaps most, Americans find both comforting and a no-brainer. The prospect seems straightforward enough- establishing and enforcing tougher drug laws dissuades dealers from dealing and users from using, meaning […]

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IRS Scandal

IRS Scandal: Who Was Targeted and Why?

For the first time in recent history, the IRS has been knocked down a few pegs. In a hearing, lawmakers took turns calling out IRS Commissioner Steven Miller for the scandalous practice of targeting groups that were thought to be conservative. What Did the IRS Do? To put it simply, in a report issued by […]

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expungement of criminal records

Expungement Bill 1482 and its Benefits for Reformed Offenders

In Indiana, the Senate made revisions to Expungement Bill 1482, passed it, and sent it back to the House for approval. It seems like only a matter of time until the bill is passed into law with its bipartisan approval. The bill proposes to completely remove low-level criminal records that happened a significant amount of […]

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u.s. vs china cyberwar

USA and China Edge Toward Cyberwar

 Are the Chinese the aggressors here like Washington wants everyone to believe and is the U.S. an innocent victim? China’s Ministry of National Defense claims 63% of the 144,000 monthly cyber attacks that it recorded last year came from U.S.-based IP addresses. http://www.reuters.com/

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George Washington

How Did Obama’s State of the Union Speech Rank?

The United States Constitution, Article II, Section 3, requires the President to give Congress information on the State of the Union and to recommend their consideration for measures that he judges necessary and expedient. George Washington personally delivered his first message to Congress on January 8th, 1790. Since then presidents have been delivering what is […]

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President Obama

The Obama and Boehner Battle over the State of the Union

It is no secret that the United States suffers from spending more money than they are bringing in. If the average person tried to live off the budget that the current government is using, they would be homeless within just a few days. This overspending budget is just one of the reasons for the bad […]

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