How Long Does It Take To Get a Court Reporter Certificate?

Prepare for a career as a court reporter by earning a certificate in the subject area of court reporting.

Learn the skills needed to transcribe verbatim what is said in courtrooms.

Get a Court Reporter Certificate

As you pursue a court reporter certificate, you will gain these skills and more with mock trials and legal writing courses.

Find out about earning a court reporter certificate and how long it will take to complete this program.

What is a Court Reporter Certificate?

A court reporter certificate states a student has graduated successfully from a court reporting training program.

This should be distinct from certification as a court reporter, which is only possible after you have a certificate.

Training as a court reporter grants you a certificate.

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This certificate indicates you have learned everything you need about court reporting in the courtroom and legal arenas.

You are technically qualified to become a court reporter with a paid job, but you will need more to be ready for a job interview.

You will still need to pursue a court reporter certification that indicates you are ready for licensing.

Most US states require court reporters to get business-level licenses to be prepared for employment.

Therefore, it is important to start with a court reporter certificate if you want to work as a court reporter.

Find out in your state if you need to get licensed and take a certification board exam as a court reporter.

Check with the local city department, as well, to see if there are resources for court reporters who want to be licensed.

You may have an in-state certification exam that can be taken instead of the national certification boards in court reporting.

How Long Does It Take To Get a Court Reporter Certificate?

When you attend school to earn a court reporting certificate, you can expect to take anywhere from one to two years.

Typically, students go to school for an associate degree in court reporting.

However, for a certificate, you can avoid going to college and attend an online court reporting training course.

You need to have some experience to get through a professional certificate course on court reporting at a fast pace.

Expect to spend six months to one year in a certificate program to earn a court reporter certificate.

You are one step ahead if you have paralegal or legal assistant training.

Otherwise, look at a full year of training to complete a court reporter certificate course.

What is the Cost of Training in Court Reporting?

Expect to spend money on training to be a court reporter.

This is a high-tech job that involves a stenographer or machine transcriptionist equipment.

To be a court reporter, you must also pay for tuition and fees associated with attending school.

In a certificate course on court reporting, the average cost starts at $4,000.

This is for an online course for professional students in a self-paced program on court reporting.

However, most certificate courses are offered in person at community colleges and technical schools.

If you attended a degree program, such as an associate’s degree, that takes two years, it would cost approximately $12,000 to train as a court reporter.

Choosing a certificate in court reporting will save you both time and money on training in this area of law.

What is the Salary for Court Reporters in the US?

In the US, the average annual salary for a court reporter is $61,950, according to

This is based on a wide range from approximately $44,700 to $81,000 annually.

As a court reporter, you generally earn a base income with additional cash compensation through bonuses and benefits.

You can also increase your earning potential by having a certification or two in court reporting.

Learn more about court reporting and apply your new skills to the job to see your earnings increase faster.

In addition, working in urban areas or major cities gives you more employment opportunities.

Increase your skills by working with big-name companies.

Watch your overall value as a court reporter will skyrocket and find new work opportunities at every turn.

Is It Worth Getting a Court Reporter Certificate?

When you train as a court reporter, you gain valuable workplace skills.

In addition, most programs grant students with a court reporter certificate.

This certificate will showcase your capacity as a court reporter and share your status with employers.

When applying for a job, prepare to have a copy of your court reporter certificate to share with your resume.

You will also need a court reporter certificate to be certified as a court reporter if you plan on sitting for a board exam.

Since many states in the US require court reporters to pass at least one certification exam, you will want to have a court reporter certificate.

How Expensive Is Getting a Certificate in Court Reporting?

The training does not involve college courses, and you do not need to have or obtain a degree.

In a professional certificate course, you save money and time by completing the course in less than 12 months.

The cost of a court reporter certificate averages $4,000 at a minimum compared to at least $12,000 for a two-year degree in court reporting.

Compared to a degree program, certificate courses in court reporting are just as practical for the job market.

You will also have to spend some time in certification training and taking an exam to be certified.

However, this is after you have earned your certificate.

Ultimately, it is worth the time it takes to earn a certificate as a court reporter in comparison to other routes of training for this occupation.

If you want to work as a court reporter, you can do so without any previous education or work background.

Court reporter is an excellent entry-level job for anyone interested in getting into the law profession.

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