Online Associates in Legal Studies

When it comes to obtaining a degree in legal studies a person will have the option of choosing an online degree program or participating in a legal studies program at a local college or university.

There are many benefits to choosing to obtain an associate’s degree in legal studies online.

Benefits of Online Associates in Legal Studies

legal studies degreeOne of the benefits of choosing an online program in legal studies is that you will be able to work on your degree at any time from the comfort of your own home.

This is a great option for people who must work full or part-time while obtaining their degree.

Another benefit of online associate’s degrees in legal studies is that there are more programs from which to choose.

While there are many great programs offered in each state, with an online program you can choose a program from a school that may be located somewhere else.

For More Information

There are many great resources available for those who are seeking an associate degree in legal studies.

MERLOT offers an online resource community where students and teachers come together in order to share resources about legal studies.

For more information about jobs in the field of legal studies as well as information about the career outlook and pay scale for those working as paralegals and legal assistants you can visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

There are several links to online schools below.

It is a good idea to contact several online schools in order to get a range of programs for comparison as the programs will all have different terms in regard to admission requirements, tuition, and even how “online” the program really is.

The list below includes schools that offer programs that are either all or nearly all online.

However, it is best to confirm with the particular school to make sure that this is the case.


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    Karen Mansfield #

    Online legal studies programs often attract a diverse group of students with varied backgrounds, fostering engaging discussions and a well-rounded learning experience.

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    Julie Lawson #

    I appreciate how these programs provide knowledge of the legal system, including legal research, ethics, and civil procedure, making it an ideal starting point for those who are interested in law.

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