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John Piccinnini

Should I Become a Real Estate Lawyer? – Interview with John Piccinnini

With the myriad of legal specialties out there to choose from it’s no easy task for an aspiring lawyer to know which specialty is right for them. One such specialization is Real Estate law and we were lucky enough to speak with John Piccinini, a practicing Real Estate Attorney based out of NYC. Thanks for […]

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How to Become a Paralegal

A paralegal is a person who performs legal work. They assist an attorney with the attorney’s duties. Most of the time, they have formal legal training. They’re not a licensed attorney, and they can’t appear in court. However, they can assist an attorney with many of their duties. A lawyer can use a paralegal’s work […]

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Law Career

How to Start a Career in Law

I Have a Law Degree: Now What? Congratulations! So you’ve struggled through what feels like fifty-eight years of higher education, and you’ve finally won the degree in law you craved for so long. Now, it’s sitting on your mantle in a golden frame collecting dust–a symbol of what you can do when you put your […]

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The Best Majors for Law School Applications

Looking for the best degree majors for law school? Spoiler alert: Criminal justice and pre-law are not on the list. Now that we get that out of the way, here’s the truth and reality. Law school is very academically intensive. It involves a lot of reading, and understanding very dense material, plus there is a […]

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How To Choose Your Legal Specialty

We all enter new phases of our personal and professional lives. That is what makes life a circle: You end one trail and start another one where you are learning new things and growing as a person. As a college or university student, you started over after being BMOC in high school. As a senior […]

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Legal Studies Programs in Alabama

Legal Studies Programs in Alabama

Listed below are the accredited schools in Alabama that offer a legal studies program. Overview Throughout the state of Alabama, there are 16 universities and colleges that offer legal studies degrees. The schools are located in 13 cities within the state with the greatest concentration of the programs being located in Birmingham and Montgomery. The […]

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legal studies degree

Online Associates in Legal Studies

When it comes to obtaining a degree in legal studies a person will have the option of choosing an online degree program or participating in a legal studies program at a local college or university. There are many benefits to choosing to obtain an associate’s degree in legal studies online. Benefits of Online Associates in […]

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How a Legal Studies Degree Can Jumpstart Your Law Career

Many people consider a degree in legal studies as an entry into the world of law. It is important to understand the history of the legal field when considering a legal studies education. In the United States, the legal system was developed mainly from the common law system that is found in England. Louisiana is […]

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lawyer shaking hands with a client

Writing and Communication Skills for Law Students

Law students are about to start a trip that requires them to not only know a lot about the law but also be good at talking and writing. Within this piece, we will talk about how important it is for legal scholars to be able to communicate clearly and write clearly. The Significance of Communication […]

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Navigating the Path to Becoming a Lawyer

Navigating the Path to Becoming a Lawyer: Essential Steps for Success

The career of law has its challenges and rewards. You have aspirations to become a lawyer because you want to serve a greater purpose for your clients. Whether it’s criminal defense, family law, or even real estate law – it is possible to have a successful legal career where you can assist clients in navigating […]

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Legal Practice

Optimization of Training for Successful Entry into Legal Practice

Engaging in legal practice is a noble pursuit, yet its journey is fraught with difficulties. Prospective lawyers require not only an in-depth knowledge of the law but also training tailored to legal practice – something this blog post will address by discussing its importance for successful entry. Here we explore optimizing training as a key […]

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