What Are The Most Rewarding Aspects of Working In The Legal Field?

A career in the legal field can have its challenges, much like any professional role.

Every day can present unique opportunities – bringing the complexities of modern law to a field that is seen as fairly traditional.

Rewarding Aspects of Working In The Legal Field

To bring value to the work that lawyers do, sometimes a bit of self-reflection is necessary – to understand the intangible value that legal work has to those who are seldom exposed to the nuances of the law.

For those completing a Master of Business Law online, understanding how legal work can bridge the gap can be empowering – it can enable you to make a connection between the work you do and the world you live in.

Let’s discover some of the rewarding aspects that come with working in the legal profession – from closing gaps to fighting for justice, legal professionals make a significant impact on the clients they serve.

Bridging The Gap in a Complex World

The law can be difficult to understand – consider, for example, a common terms and conditions statement that may be provided to an app user upon signup.

A term of service notice is a typical legal document – however, recent studies have shown that as little as one percent of those who agree to terms and conditions spend the time to read them.

The law can be incredibly complex.

As goes the old proverb, Rome wasn’t built in a day, the legal literature that defines nations can often be hundreds, or even thousands of pages of documentation and legal precedent.

Many clients simply don’t have the ability or time to read through large volumes of complex material and ingest it in time for a court case.

Legal professionals have a unique opportunity to connect complex laws and a client’s needs.

Essentially, a legal professional can help make processes and procedures make sense for clients – breaking down complex legal documents into something understandable.

Fighting For Justice

Jobs in law can be complex, however, you have many opportunities to fight for the values that you believe in.

Many fields of law offer situations for legal professionals to make a change – whether that be in setting a precedent, appealing a case, or prosecuting something that reflects their values and ideals.

Research conducted by Thomson Reuters found that one of the top motivations to become a lawyer was the sense of personal achievement that came with the role – the knowledge that, whatever the outcome, a lawyer has been able to put it all on the table and help someone in need.

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There are very few roles where you can feel like a winner, even if you lose – and the legal profession is one of those.

An Intellectually Stimulating Role

Legal professionals are constantly engaged with the law.

No matter whether you’re a contracts lawyer, understanding the nuances of contract laws to make binding legal arrangements, a judge, or advocating for the rights of the vulnerable in the community, the work that legal professionals do is constantly challenging and stimulating.

Over the years, an interesting correlation has appeared. Many comedians, well known for their razor-sharp wit and ability to crack jokes, have found a new career as legal professionals.

One such example was former comedian turned workplace advocate Corinne Grant.

After more than a decade of working in roles on shows such as Rove Live and SkitHouse, in 2012, Corinne found herself experiencing burnout and wanted to try something new.

After a year of introspection, she found a new career as a lawyer, a role that she describes as a logical, and challenging choice.

A Stable Role in a Transforming World

In today’s ever-changing world, many headways are impacting the viability of jobs worldwide.

Automation is threatening to remove entire industries, while AI threatens those that work in entry-level jobs.

For those who are working in the legal profession, while there are certainly challenges with the nature of how technology is used in the workforce, highly skilled legal professionals will likely be required well into the future.

While technology may pose a threat to the viability of many jobs, current AI developments are unlikely to replace the role of lawyers.

Instead, lawyers will find themselves increasingly supported through the use of digital assistants, further augmenting a role that is often buried in complex case law.

While it can be great to be well remunerated, for many lawyers, money isn’t the only benefit.

Many lawyers find careers in the legal profession rewarding for other reasons – from the ability to connect to clients to the benefits of working in an intellectually stimulating career, a job in the law offers benefits that few other roles can offer.

If you’re looking to leap into a new profession, law is a respectable option that offers many benefits.

For those who want to challenge themselves, there’s never been a better time than now to chase your dreams.

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