The Value Of A Criminal Law Degree

Despite the fact that there are a lot of young lawyers coming out of law school and passing the Bar Exam, there are still plenty of great opportunities for people with a degree in criminal law and a steady demand for criminal defense attorneys.

Even if your practice is in the area of prosecution, there is always going to be work if you’ve got a degree in criminal law.

While tuition and debt coming out of law school can be a daunting thought, the likelihood of you finding a good-paying job is high with a criminal law degree.

Unless there comes a time when people stop breaking the law and decide to walk the straight and narrow in large droves, the demand for that skill set isn’t going to dwindle or even recede.

criminal law degree

Even in the more rural and quiet areas of the country, you’ll consistently have a steady stream of criminal cases, both on the prosecution side and the defensive side.

This means that private law firms are going to be pretty busy and will almost always have a spot for someone with a criminal law background.

Thus, your degree still holds a lot of value, even in a tough economy where young professionals are struggling to find work.

Here are a few of the more specific areas where a criminal law background could be valuable.

State Appointed Cases

As a criminal defense attorney, you’ve also got the potential to be hired by the state to defend criminals that are being tried in court, but who don’t have the resources to hire an attorney on their own behalf.

Under this scenario, you will still work for a private law firm but will be paid by the state that’s charging the person with a crime.

It’s no secret that criminals generally can’t afford to pay for their own representation, but if you gain a solid reputation as a criminal defense attorney, you’ll get plenty of calls from the state you live in.

Skills Learned Apply to Everyday Life

While in the process of getting your degree, you will be gaining knowledge that you can apply to your everyday life, from personal finances to even home safety.

You will be gaining a better understanding of the rules that govern the country (as well as the rest of the world).

Moreover, as you study law, you will likely gain more of an appreciation for politics, and if you already have one, you can certainly expect that passion to grow.

In fact, you may even find your own political views change, from how you view propaganda to how you vote.

All that to say, it doesn’t all have to be about the job you get after law school (although that is the most important part).

It’s also about the experience you’re able to enjoy while you’re getting your criminal law degree.

Still Marketable

Even in a weak economy, a criminal law degree is still marketable and should be considered one of the more “safe” and lucrative career paths for law students.

Make sure you don’t discount the opportunities that it will afford you both during and after obtaining the degree.


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Marcela De Vivo is a writer from Southern California who writes on everything from social media marketing to immigration law. Her main focus in law, however, is to educate parents with special needs children about special education laws and inclusion.

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    Kenny Salazar #

    A criminal law degree can also serve as a stepping stone for specialization in related areas like civil rights law, environmental law, or family law, offering diverse career pathways.

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    Marc Solis #

    Having a criminal law degree provides a strong foundation in legal principles, critical thinking, and advocacy skills, where are transferable to various legal and non-legal professionals.

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