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How Much Does it Cost to Become a Criminologist?

Criminologists have a very interesting job. They study crime, criminals, and statistics to identify trends and help prevent future crimes. They may also work directly with law enforcement to create a profile of a criminal, which can help police identify the correct suspect. What is a Criminologist? Criminologists are interdisciplinary. They use elements of psychology, […]

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10 Most Affordable Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Completing a criminal justice program often leads graduates to have a rewarding criminal justice career. The cost of tuition is a valid concern for many prospective students. Do not let expensive tuition costs keep you from working in the field of criminal justice. These most affordable criminal justice degree programs provide the required education that […]

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8 Best Online Associate’s in Criminal Justice Programs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that there will be nearly 24,000 new jobs for police officers and detectives over the next few years. There is an increase expected in the need for new probation officers, investigators, cybersecurity specialists, and other criminal justice professionals. People who want a career in criminal justice often start their education by […]

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10 Best Criminal Justice Certificate Programs

If you want to make a difference in the world and support law and order, you should consider a career in criminal justice. After getting a criminal justice certificate, you can work as a court reporter, probation officer, and more.

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10 Best Online Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice Programs

Earning a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice provides graduates with the opportunity to work in a variety of critical roles in law enforcement, corrections, community policing, community services, and homeland security. Many students start working right after earning their bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Some students continue their education by earning a graduate degree after […]

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10 Best Master’s in Criminal Justice Programs

Criminal justice professionals who wish to gain new insight and develop new skills often pursue a master’s in criminal justice degree. Students who earn a bachelor’s degree often choose to improve their career opportunities by enrolling in a master’s degree program. Completing a master’s in criminal justice degree program is likely to open new doors […]

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11 Highest-Paying Law Enforcement Jobs

Whether you’ve been in law enforcement for many years or are considering a new career, finding jobs offering excellent pay is essential. Many positions within law enforcement pay well, some involving related industries and others that are direct police work. Finding a high-paying job typically relates to moving up into a leadership position. This means […]

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10 Highest-Paying Forensics Jobs

If you enjoy researching, solving mysteries, and studying things in a lab, you should consider a career in forensics. Forensics encompasses many fields, including psychology, accounting, and science. 1. Forensic Medical Examiner $100,000 Forensic medical examiners are typically the highest-paid forensic jobs, making about $100,000 a year. However, rates vary from $70,000 a year to […]

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15 Highest-Paying Criminology Jobs

Criminology jobs range from judges to forensic science technicians. A job in criminology, no matter what you choose, can be extremely rewarding. Some of the highest-paying professions in the criminology field pay as much as $128,000. It’s obvious that you would prefer for your salary to mirror the value you bring to the table. A […]

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How Long Does it Take to Complete a Degree in Criminal Justice?

A degree program in criminal justice is a direct pathway to working in prisons, forensic science, or as a paralegal. You learn about the sociology of crime, fraud investigation, and the history of law. Before you apply to school to earn a degree in criminal justice, learn more about how long you will be in […]

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