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How Long Does it Take to Complete a Degree in Criminal Justice?

A degree program in criminal justice is a direct pathway to working in prisons, forensic science, or as a paralegal. You learn about the sociology of crime, fraud investigation, and the history of law. Before you apply to school to earn a degree in criminal justice, learn more about how long you will be in […]

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Can a Convicted Felon Pursue a Career in Criminal Justice?

You have a checkered past that includes a felony conviction. However, you’ve paid your debt to society, and now you want to be on the other side of the fence. Perhaps your experience with the criminal justice system has prompted you to want a career in criminal justice, but you wonder if it’s possible given your […]

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19 Best Entry-Level Criminal Justice Jobs

It would be nice if everyone who wanted to could start at the top of their career, but that is unrealistic. The best way to get a start on the path to where you want to be is to take on an entry-level position in the criminal justice field and eventually make moves to get […]

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Is a Criminal Justice Degree Worth It?

If you want to be a police officer, private investigator, or criminal profiler, you should consider a criminal justice degree. This college degree provides the resources needed to get hired in those fields of expertise. Along with credentialing, a degree in criminal justice grants students skills necessary for the workforce. Learn more about the pros […]

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15 Pros and Cons of Being a Criminologist

Criminologists must have an understanding of criminal behavior. Being a criminologist means that you should have critical thinking skills and a strong educational background. If you’re considering becoming a criminologist, you should be aware of the pros and cons associated with the profession before you take that path. If you decide being a criminologist is […]

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How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator

What Is a Crime Scene Investigator? The Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) collects and preserves a variety of evidence from an active crime scene. The crime scene investigator is most often a law enforcement professional responsible for the identification, collection, preservation, and cataloging of physical evidence at the crime scene. What Does a Crime Scene Investigator […]

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Best Law School

Top 5 Best Schools for Specializing in Criminal Law

As with most careers, choosing to specialize in your legal career helps separate you from the next candidate. Specializing in criminal law can be a great way to narrow your field, while still leaving yourself open to a wide variety of possibilities. Criminal law is highly competitive but offers a great deal of job security. […]

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Probation Officer

A probation officer has the responsibility of supervising the activities of individuals who have been convicted of crimes and released on probation. A probation officer is very similar to a parole officer in that both types of law enforcement deal with convicts, but probation officers primarily deal with convicts of lesser crimes who have not […]

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criminal law degree

The Value Of A Criminal Law Degree

Despite the fact that there are a lot of young lawyers coming out of law school and passing the Bar Exam, there are still plenty of great opportunities for people with a degree in criminal law and a steady demand for criminal defense attorneys. Even if your practice is in the area of prosecution, there […]

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Penology, a subtype of sociology, is the study of the management of prisons and jails and of rehabilitating convicts. Penologists are sociologists who spend most of their time working inside prisons with prisoners. In addition, penologists will aid prison security by helping to prevent disturbances such as escapes, assaults, and other antisocial behavior that can […]

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