The Importance of Voice Search Optimization for Legal Firms

The world of search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing is constantly evolving, updating, and changing.

When algorithms and new search methods evolve, businesses need to update their marketing strategies to adapt to new audiences and potential clients.

Voice Search Optimization

The latest branch of SEO includes voice search optimization.

With more people sending hands-free voice requests to their phone’s assistant, businesses need to adapt to this by catering to relevant terms typically used in a voice search as opposed to a typed search.

This strategy allows businesses to be an authority source transcribed by phone assistants.

Legal firms especially can benefit from this by providing expert legal definitions and advice in these contexts.

This guide will explore how.

Voice Search Optimization vs. Traditional Keywords

Voice search keywords or phrases differ greatly from traditional SEO keywords.

Since users are speaking to an assistant with their voice instead of typing, voice search keyphrases often sound more natural and complete.

For example, instead of typing out, “law firms Florida” which is disjointed and unnatural sounding, they would likely speak, “Hey, can you find law firms in Florida?” or something in that regard.

For these reasons, voice search optimization for your online marketing content should include keyphrases that are typically longer and more natural than keywords.

Voice assistants provide answers from high-quality sources that include matches to these phrases; your legal firm could be that source!

Why Voice Search Optimization Is Important

Voice search optimization is an important part of SEO, even if it may seem over the top or redundant.

Those who search using voice commands as opposed to typing are an additional audience that legal firms will want to target to increase their client base.

Voice Assistant Awareness

Using natural and common keyphrases that voice assistants search the internet for will help put trusted, quality sources like your legal firm on a voice assistant’s radar.

Consistently accurate and trustworthy information will increase the chances of a voice assistant sharing your content to users directly.

Brand Establishment and Trust

When a voice assistant uses your legal firm’s information and content, it establishes your brand better.

It also puts trust and prestige behind your law firm’s name, enticing potential clients to seek out your services.

This is particularly important for newer law firms or those who want to expand their online presence.

Wider Audience

While many users both type and issue voice commands on their phones, there is a certain market that typically only uses voice commands to their assistant for a variety of reasons, from lack of technology experience to an inability to type.

When your legal firm is a trusted source for this category of online users, it expands your reach to more markets and audiences.

User Experience

When your legal firm provides more ways to consume your trusted, high-quality legal information, you improve user experience.

Not only does that improve your technical SEO strategy, but it also gives your audience a diverse way to interact with your brand.

Legal Industry Voice Search Optimization

Users who voice search legal terms typically have a high intent on hiring legal services.

Ensuring your marketing content is natural, clear, and direct can increase your chances of being hired by more clients.

If you have a particular specialty in the legal field, it’s your chance to shine by including relevant information about those specific fields.

How to Start a Voice Search Optimization Strategy

A high-quality voice search optimization strategy is key for turning potential voice assistant users into clients for your law firm.

This can be done in several ways.

High-Quality Information

You’ll need to provide helpful, relevant, and direct information in your marketing content to establish your firm as a trusted source of information.

This information should be included on your website, social media, Google Business Profile, and elsewhere to widen your online presence.


Your online content should contain relevant long-tail keywords that can attract voice users looking for your content.

This differs from traditional one-word or disjointed keywords.

Local SEO

It’s important to utilize local SEO for law firms to target potential clients nearby, including your specific city and surrounding areas.

Question-and-Answer Formats

Be certain that some information is listed in question-and-answer formats (such as an FAQ page), as well as conversational formats (“How can I find a lawyer to change my legal name?”).

Website Optimization

A law firm website’s mobile friendliness and loading speed comes into play as well.

You’ll want to ensure your website is optimized for both mobile users and loading speed, as mobile and AI assistants will prioritize these qualities when searching for relevant legal information.

Online Directories

Additionally, listing your business on as many online directories, such as Google, Yelp, and others can help establish your online presence and increase the likelihood that a mobile assistant will read your business information aloud.


Voice search optimization is an increasingly relevant type of SEO marketing for many industries, including law firms.

To ensure your website and marketing content are voice search optimized, you’ll want to ensure your website is speed optimized, mobile-friendly, and contains relevant keyphrases and natural-sounding information.

An online SEO company can assist legal firms with this easily.

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