All About Workplace Injuries: What Do The Experts Say?

Workplace injuries are a common topic among construction workers, welders, high-risk equipment operators, and others who labor physically in a job, but the conversations usually occur after an injury rather than before.

Workplace injury

It’s critically important to peel back the layers of online chats and get information from sources who know exactly what they’re talking about.

Keep reading to find out all about preventing, protecting, and representing workplace injuries and what an injury could mean for you.

Can Workplace Injuries Be Prevented? The Experts Agree

The question is often asked, “Can employers simply prevent all workplace injuries?”

The expert response is just as often quickly given, “Quite simply, no.

Employers cannot.”

Between trips on floors, falls on slippery surfaces, equipment injuries, and accidental fires, there is no way to completely prevent workplace injuries.

Injuries happen because there is no way to eliminate every single environmental, personal, or situational opportunity for an accident that can cause an injury.

For example, the following is a list of some out-of-the-ordinary workplace injuries that have been documented in the past few years:

  • Alcohol consumption among workers caused a kitchen fire
  • Defective workplace chairs created falls from the chairs
  • An employee slipped on a sushi roll in the lunchroom
  • A defective vending machine caused cuts and muscle strain
  • A worker was burned by a microwave bag of French fries
  • An employee fell over her pet dog in the office
  • An employee tripped over personal protection equipment on a catwalk

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2022 approximately 3 workers out of every 100 in the US were injured while working.

As can be observed from the above list, injuries don’t always take place in high-risk positions. Injuries can occur in any office and any industry.

More than any other injuries, falls and slips are the number one type of injury in the workplace and both may require long recovery periods as a result.

Professionals in the industry of workplace safety offer workplace protection solutions of all kinds; however, they are quick to note that the potential for a workplace injury is always present and injuries cannot be prevented.

Multiple companies offer safety equipment and gear designed to restrain, restrict, and resist injuries.

Meeting The Need For Workplace Protection: The Experts Innovate

The massive need for workplace protection is evidenced as injuries continue to occur.

Safety gear, protective equipment, and preventative training are continually in the innovative process to protect workers in the event of future injuries.

How can any employer know which protective or preventative equipment is best?

The best workplace protective gear and equipment are found in those that are 1) constructed with a high amount of quality in materials and 2) carry an equally high rate of quality in construction.

When A Workplace Injury Occurs: The Experts Represent

Despite best efforts to prevent and protect, workplace injuries continue to occur.

Some injuries, such as those in construction companies, are quite common.

Others, such as those that occur in an office setting, are infrequent or unusual.

They all require action on the part of the employee.

Workers’ compensation differs somewhat from state to state in the US, but the employee will need to report the injury right away and follow protocols outlined by the employer.

In some cases, employers will not conform to guidelines given by the state or other governmental entities.

This may be because the employer does not want to become embroiled in a worker’s compensation issue or the employer has not conformed to requirements in the workplace to provide funding.

The employer may refuse to compensate workers for loss of pay, pain and suffering, and other consequences of an injury in the workplace.

Read through the following suggestions provided by an expert workers’ compensation attorney who consistently represents injured workers:

If you are injured in the workplace, report it immediately.

In some states, workers have an extended length of time in which to report an injury.

This may seem to be a convenience for the worker, but an injury often involves an amount of shock.

A fall presents a shock to the physical system, just as a slip and twisted knee present a shock to the physical system.

A shock, small or large, may cause an inability to remember what happened just before the injury.

It’s best to report an injury immediately after it happens to document fully the event and the aftermath of it.

When injured, even if you have a small cut, a bruised arm, or a broken finger, report it immediately.

Seemingly small injuries can develop into those that need more treatment than anticipated.

The best preventative measure an injured worker can take is to report even the smallest injury to prepare for any that might develop into a further consequence.

When injured, avoid taking any payments from an employer who offers settlement funds or money under the table.

The acceptance of such funds indicates that you are satisfied with the arrangement and will not pursue additional funds.

However, if you have not had tests, scans, or other procedures for your injury, you do not know the extent of your injuries, nor do you know how long your recovery may take.

It is best to discourage your employer from trying to give a settlement amount that will “make the problem go away,” because chances are, it won’t.

Find an experienced workplace injury lawyer who can give wise counsel in your situation.

Friends and family members may want to offer advice, however, your best course of action is a specific one.

Search for an attorney who has several years of experience in representing workers who have been injured.

Look for an attorney who has garnered millions of dollars for injured workers and one who will work to tailor the compensation to the specific needs of the worker, such as monthly loss of job payments, medical coverages, and future needs.

In short, look for an expert attorney.

If you are exposed to potential injuries in your workplace, take encouragement from the fact that multiple protections are available for your workplace safety.

Take advantage of all of them while you are working and encourage others to do so, as well.

Be prepared when prevention fails and look for expert assistance when you need it.

Report any injuries, even the smallest, immediately and look for an expert workers’ compensation attorney to assist you in negotiating the compensation you’ll need in the long term.

The experts agree that injuries happen despite the best prevention and protection.

Take advantage of protective gear and equipment to avoid injuries and, should an injury occur, get the best representation to secure your recovery and possibly, your future.

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