Amarillo College Paralegal Program

Amarillo College is located in Amarillo, Texas just off Highway 287. The school sits between 8th and 9th streets.  Just a few blocks away from the college are the Amarillo City Hall and the Amarillo Civic Center. The Globe News Center for the Performing Arts is within walking distance of the college as well.

Programs Offered

Amarillo College offers an Associate in Applied Science degree in paralegal studies. The program is approved by the American Bar Association.

Program Schedule

The paralegal studies program offered by the college is a two year program and is located within the business division of the college. Each paralegal course is offered as an evening or weekend class. Students can begin their course work in the spring, summer, or fall semester.

Program Requirements

The paralegal program requires 71-72 credit hours for graduation. The curriculum of the program consists of 16 hours of office administration classes, 38-39 credit hours of paralegal studies classes, and 21 credit hours of general education classes. Students will have the option to choose either the paralegal studies practicum course, which is worth 2 credit hours or the Advanced Civil Litigation course, which is worth 3 credit hours in order to complete their degree. There are also internship opportunities available as electives for the degree. Upon successful completion of the program students will receive an associate of applied science degree.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about the paralegal program offered through Amarillo College you may contact Bruce Moseley, Paralegal Studies Coordinator, by phone at 806-371-5213 or by email at