Austin Community College

Austin Community College offers several locations, but only the Rio Grande campus offers a paralegal program. The Rio Grande campus is located in Austin, Texas at the corner of Rio Grande and 13th streets. The campus sits across from House Park, which offers Maroon Stadium and the Austin Recreation Center. Duncan Park and the BMX Dirt Jumps and Trails are located just a few blocks away.

Paralegal Programs Offered

Austin Community College offers both an Associate of Applied Science degree and an Advanced Technical Certificate in paralegal studies.

Program Schedule and Requirements

The Associate of Science degree in paralegal studies takes four semesters to complete as a full time student. There are 66 required credit hours to finish the degree. The first and second semesters are broken into 5 classes at three credit hours each. The final two semesters consists of 18 credit hours. During the final semester of the program students are required to participate in an internship.

The certificate program offered by the college is only for those individuals that currently have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. The program is designed to enable the student to gain employment as a paralegal in a government agency, law office, or other type of law environment. The certificate program consists of 3 semesters with four classes each. There are a total of 36 credit hours required for the certificate. An internship is required during the third semester.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about the college and the paralegal programs offered you may contact the advising center for the Rio Grand Campus at 512-223-3137.