Capitol City Careers

Capitol City Careers is located in Austin, Texas. The campus of the college is at 5424 Highway 290 West #200. The building sits directly on the highway. There is a Donut Tacos Palace located next to the college building. A Tex Family Fun Center sits just a few blocks away from the college’s building as well.

Paralegal Programs Offered

Capital City Careers offers a certificate/diploma in paralegal studies. This program has not been approved by the American Bar Association.

Program Schedule/Requirements

The paralegal courses offered through the career center will prepare the student for a job within the legal field. Students will be eligible to work in a variety of locations including lawyer’s offices, government services, or corporations.

There are general education requirements as part of the program. These include composition, psychology, computer applications, and communications. These courses will provide individuals with additional training needed to succeed in the field.

There are numerous training aids offered throughout the campus, including computer aided instruction as well as the most current software used in legal and business applications. There is a learning resource center that all students have access to as well.

Class sizes are kept at a maximum ratio of 30 students per professor for lecture classes and 20 students per instructor for typing classes and computer lab classes.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about the paralegal program that is offered by Capitol City Careers you may contact the school by phone at 512-892-2640. You may also visit the schools website and fill out an online information form at