Central Texas College

Central Texas College is located in Killeen, Texas. The campus of the college sits on the West Central Texas Expressway. The Mayborn Planetarium & Space Theatre sits right next to the campus. The Metroplex Hospital is located just down the road from the college. Clear Creek Park is located just down the expressway from the campus as well.

Paralegal Programs Offered

Central Texas College offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in paralegal studies.

Program Schedule and Requirements

The paralegal program offered through the college will take approximately two years to complete as a full time student. The program may be started during any semester. While there is no set order in which a student must complete the course work, the college does suggest certain classes be taken before others. Some of the higher level paralegal courses will require prerequisite courses be taken first. There are a total of 68 required credits to achieve the degree.

There is not an internship required to graduate with the degree, but an internship is recommended during the second year of study.

Classes for the paralegal program can be taken both during the day and the evening. Students can complete the degree in less than two years if they are willing to take more classes per semester and go year round. There is at least one class in the program offered online each semester.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about the paralegal program offered through Central Texas College you may contact the school by phone at 254-526-7161 or 1-800-223-4760 for in state students. Out of state students may call 1-800-792-3348. You may also visit the college’s website at www.ctcd.edu/busi_admin/lap.htm.