Del Mar College

Del Mar College is located on Baldwin Boulevard in Corpus Christi, Texas. The campus can be reached easily from highway 286. The college sits directly across from both Dahlia Terrace Park and H.E. Butt Park. The Incarnate Word Academy is located just a few blocks away from the college.

Paralegal Programs Offered

Del Mar College offers an Associate of Applied Science Degree in paralegal studies.

Program Schedule and Requirements

Del Mar College offers individuals two separate tracks of which to pursue their degree within the area of law. The legal secretary and the paralegal program both prepare the students for work within the law office. The first three semesters of the programs are the same core curriculum that will prepare the student to gain a diverse knowledge in the legal field, learning valuable terms as well as how to draft and produce legal documents. The start of the second semester a student will take specialized courses in the degree area of their choice.

The associate of applied science degree in paralegal studies or legal secretary consists of 67 credit hours taken over the course of four or five semester. While enrolled at the college, many law firms in the area will employ students on a part time basis. Students may also complete an internship as part of their degree requirement.

Contact Information

If you would like more information about the paralegal and legal secretary programs that are offered at Del Mar College you may contact Barry Brown by phone at 229-698-1324 or by email at You may also contact Stonewall Van Wie at 232-698-1494 or by email at