American River College Paralegal Program

American River College is located in Sacramento California. The address of the school is 4700 College Oak Drive. The campus sits off the Arcade Creek Nature Area. To reach the campus you may take Interstate 80 to the 244 exit. You will then turn onto Auburn Road which will intersect with College Oak Drive.

arc paralegal program

Paralegal Programs Offered

American River College offers a Legal Assisting associate degree as well as a certificate program. The associate degree program consists of both general education requirements as well as specialty legal classes. The legal classes cover legal writing, preparation of torts, contracts, procedural areas including civil and litigation. Both the certificate and associate degree are compliant with the California business professions code 6450.

Program Schedule

The associate degree program takes approximately two years to complete as a full time student. The certificate program is a one year program that consists of 30 units specifically within the field of law. It is possible to choose to complete the certificate program and then continue on for the associate degree if desired.

Program Requirements

New students to the college and program will need to complete an application for the college. The application can be found either online or at the admissions department of the college. Once the application is completed, students must then complete assessment testing. Orientation and counseling must be attended before enrolling in any courses at the college.

Contact Information

For more information about the paralegal program offered through American River College you may contact the school at 916-484-8283. The counseling department can be reached at 916-484-8572.