Empire College

Empire College is located in Santa Rosa, California. The campus of the college sits just off Redwood Highway. The Kaiser Permanente Medical Center sits right next to the campus. Bicentennial Park is located nearby as well. Just down the road from the campus is Brody’s Burgers and Brews and a shopping area that includes a Trader Joe’s.

Paralegal Programs Offered

Empire College offers a specialized occupational associate degree for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a paralegal.

Program Schedule

The specialized associate degree offered by Empire College is designed to be completed in 7 quarters. This will take a little more than two years to complete. The degree places an emphasis on training and developing legal office skills. This includes research, case management, analyzing legal documents, drafting legal documents, discovery, and docketing. Some of the courses that are included in the program are civil litigation courses, business law, real property, estate planning, probate, family law, and mediation or conflict management. Included in the program is a 75 hour internship.

Program Requirements

There are no special requirements for the degree. However, students must submit an application to the college and be accepted into the school in order to complete the required courses for the degree. In order to graduate from the program students must maintain a C or better average and complete the required hours of their internship.

Contact Information

For more information about the paralegal program offered by Empire College you may see their contact us page available on their website at http://www.empcol.edu/contact-us. You may also call the school for more information at their toll free number: 1-800-705-0567.