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How to Become a Forensic Nurse – In 5 Steps

Forensic Nurses are some of the most caring and honorable people you will meet. This career is based on helping those in need, especially victims and criminals of violent crimes and legal cases. Serving patients who have been a part of a crime scene, traumatic experience, or who may have evidence on their bodies, Forensic […]

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Medical Malpractice: When You Need to Find an Attorney

Negligence on the part of a physician or other medical professional can result in the wrong treatment, diagnosis, or management of an illness for a patient. If this type of incident occurs and the patient is injured, a medical malpractice lawsuit may become necessary. Determining Medical Malpractice There are no guarantees when it comes to […]

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Oklahoma County Community Health Network

Oklahoma County Leaders Working to Improve Services for Uninsured Residents

In late January 2013, local health leaders in Oklahoma County announced the creation of the Oklahoma County Community Health Network. This Network is a new system that will make a broad effort to connect Oklahoma County’s existing free clinics with area hospitals. The hope is that these efforts will result in a more organized and […]

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Seeking Compensation for Dental Injuries

Suing for Suboxone Side Effects: Seeking Compensation for Dental Injuries

In the sphere of pharmaceutical legal disputes, Suboxone, once touted as a groundbreaking remedy for opioid addiction, has now become involved in a complex legal predicament due to purported dental injuries linked to its usage. Individuals grappling with dental issues arising from prolonged Suboxone use might find themselves eligible to seek legal redress. However, understanding […]

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Doctor Holding Syringe

Avoid Medical Malpractice With These Steps

No matter your position within the healthcare industry, you must adhere to a strict set of codes and honor the oath you have pledged. It underpins the importance of following procedures and complying with regulations. An alarming issue that presents itself for various reasons is medical malpractice risk. It is a serious concern and can […]

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