Lee College

Lee College is located in the city of Baytown, Texas on Lee Drive. The campus can be accessed off Decker Drive or Highway 146. Middleton and the Pruett Estates sit on either side of the college. There is an Abercrombie store located within a block of the campus. Memorial stadium is located on the corner of the campus as well.

Paralegal Programs Offered
Lee College offers a certificate program in paralegal studies as well as an Associate of Applied Science degree. The paralegal programs offered through the college have been approved by the American Bar Association.

Program Schedule/Requirements
The paralegal certificate program consists of 33 credit hours and takes three semesters to complete as a full time student. The associate of science degree program consists of 69 required credit hours and will take just over 4 semesters to complete if going full time. Students in the associate degree program will complete an internship while students in the certificate program complete a capstone course. The capstone course required for the certificate must be taken in the final semester of the program.
Students may enroll in the paralegal program in the fall, spring, or summer semesters. The college has a recommended selection of courses to take each semester when enrolling in the paralegal program.

Contact Information
If you would like more information about the paralegal studies degrees that are offered at Lee College you may contact the Director of the program, David B. Jaroszewki by phone at 281-425-6527 or by email at djarosze@lee.edu.