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11 Best Master’s in Paralegal Programs

If you’re looking for an excellent career with a bright future, consider the paralegal profession. The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecasted a high growth potential of around 18% in the coming years. Paralegals earn a median yearly salary of $47,000, with the top earners averaging over $75,000 annually. How do the top earners […]

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7 Most Affordable Paralegal Degree Programs

To be a paralegal, you have a few pathways. Choose a diploma or certificate in paralegal studies, or pursue a college degree. Two years of school is required for an associate’s degree, while you need to attend a four-year program to earn a bachelor’s degree. While most colleges do not have a degree program for […]

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How Much Does it Cost to Become a Paralegal?

Work with a lawyer as a legal assistant with a certification in paralegal studies. You can train to become a paralegal online or on campus at colleges around the US. To save money and ensure you receive the training you need for certification, consider what it costs to become a paralegal. Use this information to […]

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10 Best Online Associate’s in Paralegal Programs

Paralegals assist attorneys with a variety of tasks, including interviewing clients and researching cases. If you are interested in the legal field but don’t want to spend the next decade getting a law degree, you should consider becoming a paralegal. An online associate’s degree in paralegal studies can allow you to begin your new career […]

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8 Best Paralegal Certificate Programs

What is a Paralegal Certificate? Students who want to make a quick entry into the legal field opt to earn paralegal certificates as proof of their education, readiness, and experience in the field. Accredited US colleges, universities, workforce development departments, and similar programs issue paralegal certificates. Those who want to continue with their education after […]

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10 Best Online Paralegal Bachelor’s Programs

The work of a paralegal consists of assisting attorneys in a wide variety of legal tasks like: Performing interviews Scheduling appointments Drafting legal documents The paralegal profession is estimated to grow by 14% by 2032, with approximately $46,000 positions opening up each year throughout the decade. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, […]

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17 Pros and Cons of Being a Paralegal

Just like any other profession, there are advantages and disadvantages to being a paralegal. If you are thinking about becoming a paralegal, this list is for you! Paralegals play an important role in the legal field. They assist attorneys in a variety of legal tasks such as conducting research, creating legal documents, and speaking with […]

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11 Highest-Paying Paralegal Jobs

If you’re interested in starting a career as a paralegal, it’s essential to identify the niche best suited to your skills and needs. The US Bureau of Statistics states that the median annual paralegal salary was $56,230 in 2021. However, those in the highest-paying paralegal jobs received an average yearly salary of $72,750 that same […]

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How Long Does It Take To Get a Paralegal Certificate?

As you jumpstart a career as a paralegal, there are specific steps you will need to take to be ready for the workforce. You must pass a class and training to get a paralegal certificate. From there, you can sit for a certification exam after you complete paralegal training from an accredited school or program. […]

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10 Best Entry-Level Paralegal Jobs

Paralegals have training and skills that give them front-row access to courtroom proceedings. You can also work for law firms and legal organizations as a paralegal. Your skills in legal writing and as a legal aide will go far if you decide to pursue a master of law degree to become a lawyer. First, determine […]

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