How to Become a Court Reporter in Montana

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Montana court reporters work in fast-paced legal environments like courtrooms and law offices.

Their primary role is to accurately transcribe verbatim verbal testimony from victims, witnesses, law enforcement officials, and experts.

The records transcribed by stenographers serve as binding legal records in criminal and judicial courts across the state.

Our guide provides a comprehensive overview with step-by-step instructions about how to become a court reporter in Montana!

If you’re thinking about becoming a court reporter in Montana, the first thing you’ll need to do is learn more about the role and what they do.

The next step is to follow the step-by-step instructions below.

How to Become a Court Reporter in Montana: Step-by-Step

Graduate High School

Aspiring court reporters must show proof of completing their high school education or earning an equivalent.

Graduates then become eligible to take the next steps and apply for associate or certificate-level court reporter training programs.

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Find the Best Court Reporter Training Program

High school graduates and those holding an equivalent diploma can find the best court reporter training programs that meet their educational and budgeting needs by doing research online.

Some students seek traditional education in local schools while others opt for completing web-based training through approved sources.

Consider your needs for flexibility in scheduling, transportation, and financial aid options when choosing a program.

Complete Court Reporter School

Once you’ve been accepted into a certification-based training program, the next step is to complete program requirements.

Certification-based court reporter schools will teach students the necessary written skills, practical skills, and typing accuracy to pass national certification exams.

Most programs will offer support for securing local on-the-job training opportunities and internships.

Earn State or National Certification

Students who complete court reporter training become eligible to sit for licensing exams and earn certification through the NCRA or the AAERT.

Both organizations are nationally recognized and widely accepted by local employers as proof of career competency.

Court reporters should note that application fees and testing deadlines apply.

Find a Court Reporter Job in Montana

Certified court reporters are eligible to work in a variety of work environments, including courtrooms, law offices, corporate offices, and as freelance court reporters.

New court reporters in Montana can find jobs by visiting the Montana Court Reporters Association, the National Court Reporters Association, and through Google keyword searches.

Maintain Your Certification Credentials Through Continuing Education

Working court reporters are required to complete mandatory continuing education credits to maintain their credentials.

Learn more about continuing education requirements and find local recertification opportunities by visiting the relevant certification authority website.

Court Reporter Schools in Montana

Montana court reporter trainees learn essential skills including real-time transcription, stenography, stenotype machines, speed building, and legal terminology.

They gain practical experience through internships and on-the-job training opportunities.

The programs listed below offer approved training for aspiring court reporters in Montana.

University of Montana University of Montana 

The University of Montana partners with online education provider Ed2Go to deliver its web-based Digital Court Reporting training program.

Students taking online court reporter classes at UM will learn the fundamentals of digital reporting and be prepared to pass the AAERT certification exam.

This 60-credit hour course is designed to be completed in six months and offers a self-paced option for working students seeking to get court reporter training and education online.

Courses Offered

  • AAERT Certification Prep
  • Ethics
  • Medical Terminology
  • Software and Annotations
  • The Legal System

Certification Track: American Association of Electronic Records Technicians Certified Electronic Reporter (CET),

Contact Information

  • Address: 909 South Avenue West, Missoula, Montana – 59801
  • Website:
  • Phone: 855-520-6806

The College of Court Reporting College of Court Reporting 

CCR is an NCRA-approved court reporter school that delivers comprehensive training online.

Their in-depth training program introduces students to the fundamental and practical skills needed to earn an associate of applied sciences degree or a completion certificate in court reporting and voice writing.

Court reporter trainees who take courses through the College of Court Reporting can complete an associate degree program and hands-on practice or internships within two to three years.

Courses Offered

  • Foundations of Law
  • Introduction to Realtime Technology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Speedbuilding
  • Vocabulary and Usage

Certification Track: NCRA – Registered Skilled Reporter (RSR), Registered Professional Reporter (RPR)

Contact Information

  • Address: 455 West Lincolnway, Valparaiso, Indiana – 46385
  • Website:
  • Phone: 866-294-3974

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a License to Work as a Court Reporter in Montana?


Montana, like many other US states, does not require its court reporters to have an occupational license.

Most employers in the state will require proof of court reporter training and competency in the form of an associate’s degree and a national certification like the CET issued by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers or the RSR issued by the National Court Reporters Association.

How Long Does it Take to Become a Court Reporter in Montana?

Court reporter trainees in Montana can typically complete all requirements for court reporter training, education, and hands-on practice in two to three years.

Competent reporters will meet all education requirements and demonstrate an accurate typing speed at a minimum of 225 words per minute, which is the current NCRA standard.

Where Can I Find Court Reporter Jobs in Montana?

Find court reporter jobs in Montana by visiting job boards on the National Court Reporters Association or the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers websites.

Prospective employees can also find work via Google keyword searches and public job boards like Indeed.

Court Reporter Salary Information

Online research shows that Montana’s court reporters make an average annual salary of around $57,099.00.

Reporters on the lower end of the state’s salary scale bring in about $41,198.00.

High earners in the state bring in as much as $74,735.00 (or more) based on their years of education, training, and on-the-job experience.

Annual Salary Range:
Item Percent

Average Salary in Montana

City Name Salary
Billings $60,194
Missoula $52,842
Great Falls $55,107
Butte $52,842
Bozeman $52,842
Helena $53,781
Kalispell $56,036
Belgrade $52,842
Anaconda $52,842
Miles City $59,256

Court Reporter Programs by State

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