How to Become a Court Reporter in Delaware

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A court reporter is a well-trained legal professional who specializes in high-speed translation of the spoken word into a readable format using specialized machines and equipment.

The transcriptions court reporters create become public legal records in the American justice and criminal justice systems.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a new career as a Delaware court reporter – this guide is for you!

Read on to learn what it takes to become a court reporter in Delaware.

How to Become A Court Reporter in Delaware Step by Step

Earn a High School Diploma or Equivalent

Education is a key component of training for Delaware court reporters who are required to earn a minimum of an associate’s degree or other professional diploma to become eligible.

Prospective court reporters will need to present proof of completing their high school education upon applying to certificate and degree programs.

Get Professional Court Reporter Training

The National Court Reporters Association administers the exam that certifies court reporters across the US.

Students will need to complete an NCRA-approved certification to work as certified court reporters.

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New transcriptionists seeking employment in Delaware will need to get professional training to learn the art of verbatim transcription, real-time transcription, and related skills needed to function independently on the job.

Complete an Internship

NCRA standards for court reporter training programs require that students complete internships or on-the-job training to practice their skills in real-time work environments.

Most programs offer placement assistance for completing an internship.

In some cases, students will be required to secure their on-the-job training at a locally approved facility.

Talk to your school’s program director to learn more about how to complete your court reporter internship.

Earn National Certification

The NCRA is the agency that nationally certifies court reporters, broadcast captioners, and CARTs.

Prospective court reporters must complete NCRA-approved education and pass their written skills and typing skills exams to gain certification.

Visit the NCRA website to learn more about mandatory test scores and required typing speeds to prepare for certification.

Find a Court Reporter Job in Delaware

Many court reporter graduates begin seeking employment while they are completing their internships.

There are a wide variety of employment-related resources and listings for court reporter jobs on the NCRA website.

Most approved court reporter training programs will also offer job placement assistance or maintain a job board where students and graduates can find internships and employment opportunities.

Talk to your program director to learn more about job placement options after completing your program.

Earn Continuing Education Credits

All NCRA-certified reporters and transcriptionists are required to renew their credentials according to an assigned schedule.

Approved programs that offer court reporter degrees will likely offer options for earning continuing education credits.

Certified reporters can also visit the NCRA website to learn more about how to earn continuing education credits and find a list of approved online and offline providers.

Court Reporter Schools in Delaware

The best court reporter schools in Delaware set students up for career success by teaching them the general education, fundamental, and hands-on practical skills needed to earn national certification and work as certified court reporters in and around America’s criminal justice system.

The NCRA is the agency that sets the standard for court reporter education and certification.

Delaware is one of the few states where there are no active NCRA-approved programs.

The good news is, that aspiring court reporters can earn their credentials through a combination of online study from approved programs, internships, and hands-on training where trainees practice and hone their real-time skills.

Students who get court reporter training online can choose from programs that offer self-paced study options and those that offer synchronous instruction where students, faculty, and staff engage in a live learning format.

The NCRA has the following court reporter and judicial reporter training programs listed as online study options on the national website.

College of Court ReportingCollege of Court Reporting 

About the School

The College of Court Reporting offers interactive online court reporter training.

Their online training program follows NCRA standards for instruction and provides students with an online resource hub where they can get answers to career and certification-related questions.

CCR trains broadcast captioners, transcriptionists, court reporters, and communication across real-time translation reporters and readies them to complete NCRA certification.

Courses Offered

  • Certified Real-Time Reporter Training
  • Court Reporting Internship
  • Introduction to Captioning
  • Jury Charge
  • RPR Skills
  • Vocabulary and Usage
  • Voice Testimony

Contact Information

  • Address: 455 West Lincolnway, Valparaiso, Delaware – 46385
  • Website:
  • Phone: 866-294-3974

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get online court reporter training in Delaware?

Delaware doesn’t have any active NCRA-approved court reporter training programs available.

Many Delaware court reporter trainees opt to get their education online as an alternative.

Online court reporter training programs offer the same level of education and instruction in a web-based format.

What is the required typing speed for certified court reporters in Delaware?

Aspiring court reporters in Delaware can gain their certification by passing the required NCRA exam that shows competency and skill.

Candidates are required to have a minimum typing speed of at least 225 words per minute with more than ninety-five percent accuracy.

How long will it take to complete court reporter training in Delaware?

Delaware students who enroll in realtime court reporter training as full-time programs can typically complete their studies with on-the-job training and internships in just under three years.

Court Reporter Salary Information

Court reporters in Delaware earn an average annual salary that falls below the average for stenographers and transcriptionists in the United States.

The average salary of Delaware court reporters falls around $40,700.00 annually.

The lower end of the salary scale shows Delaware reporters bringing in $34,031.00.

Top earners in the state make about $44,449.00 a year.

Annual Salary Range:
Item Percent

Average Salary in Delaware

City Name Salary
Wilmington $65,581
Dover $65,757
Newark $65,531
Milford $66,087
Seaford $64,991
Middletown $65,541
Rehoboth Beach $66,339
Smyrna $65,609
New Castle $65,609
Delaware City $65,531

Court Reporter Programs by State

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