How to Become a Court Reporter in West Virginia

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The skills learned in becoming a court reporter are a great starting point for pursuing a rewarding career.

In West Virginia, judicial reporting is in high demand.

Certificates in broadcast captioning, webcasting, and real-time captioning can also be used in television, training seminars, and more.

Learn how and where this little-known job can lead you to a prestigious future.

How to Become a Court Reporter

Each state has specific requirements for the position of court reporter.

West Virginia is no different.

The West Virginia Court Reporters Association is an excellent place to start by taking the proper steps to this rewarding career.

Research and choose a court reporting school in West Virginia.

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Technical institutes and online courses through universities are available for those seeking an associate’s degree or certification.

The three most important programs to focus on are:

  • Court Reporting
  • Stenography
  • Real-time reporting

If you are unfamiliar with courtroom protocol, visit a few sessions to get a feel for the reserved nature of the job.

There is no room for emotional outbursts, and the knowledge witnessed is highly confidential.

Respect is imminent, and being proficient at your job is a must.

Once armed with your accreditation, gather information on likely employers.

These include:

  • West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals
  • Circuit Court in West Virginia
  • Family Courts in West Virginia
  • Kanawha County Courts

In addition to court systems, outside companies that provide court reporting services can be found.

  • Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe Court Reporting
  • Sargent’s Court Reporting
  • Elite Court Reporting

All areas of West Virginia need court reporting.

Look for openings in your local area and expand if necessary.

You may find that National Certification is needed to be considered for a position in a West Virginia courthouse.

This added layer proves your professionalism and can be used nationwide.

It also shows the courts that you are serious about keeping your court reporting title in good standing.

A three-year rolling certification is required to keep your certification.

This proves that you are not slacking in your skills.

The National Court Reporters Association and the National Verbatim Reporters Association offer certifications.

Although exams can be taken without becoming a member, membership guarantees you will be informed about court-reporting employment and updates in your area.

Court Reporter Schools in West Virginia

There are several schools in West Virginia where you can receive the skills and knowledge needed to be a court reporter and more.

Here are a few schools that offer accreditation in court recording, stenography, and specialized skills.

New River Community and Technical College New River Community and Technical College 

This college, located in Summersville, West Virginia, offers online courses in court reporting.

Digital recording and legal transcription are also available in less than 6 months for a fast course.

Bridge Valley Community and Technical CollegeBridge Valley Community and Technical College

Charleston, West Virginia, is home to this learning facility where nationally recognized certification can be achieved in 6 months or less of intense study.

West Virginia University at ParkersburgWest Virginia University at Parkersburg

Parkersburg, West Virginia, is where you will find a self-paced, 100% online course on understanding court proceedings and the standards of professionalism in the legal system.

James Rumsey Technical InstituteJames Rumsey Technical Institute

Located in Martinsburg, West Virginia, two national certification exams from the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT) are offered at the end of your studies.

Courts and businesses look highly upon students who take the time to become certified in this field.

Some other colleges and institutes offer relative training for court reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How likely is it to find a job as a court reporter after I complete my training and certification?

As of January 2024, there were 6 openings for court reporting openings in various courts in West Virginia.

This number can vary according to need, but having all the credentials makes your chances better than those less qualified.

What is the cost of signing up for a class in Court Reporting in West Virginia?

Community colleges can charge anywhere from $780 to $6100 for a two-year course in gaining a degree.

However, online courses on a 6-month course can cost much less with an accreditation recognized by the US Department of Education.

How can I learn more about what court systems require and what I must do to participate in this?

There are many duties involved in the role of a court reporter.

Some of these include:

  1. Ability to read back transcripts during trial and courtroom proceedings.
  2. Coordinate meetings and maintain the calendar for the judge and/or court
  3. Performing administrative tasks, such as answering phones, purchasing office supplies, maintaining the law library, and preparing expense vouchers.

These additional duties may seem extraordinary in the scope of a court reporter, but working as a team is essential in maintaining a smooth-running court system.

What extra roles are expected within the court system as extra duties?

Court reporting is expanding into different areas.

Taking courses in captioning, medical/legal technology, transcripts, stenographic procedures, real-time captioning, communications access, real-time reporting (CART), and webcasting would be wise.

Cover all your bases in order to become a valued employee in the court system for your career in court reporting.

Court Reporter Salary Information

The median salary nationwide for a court reporting position is $62,459.

The annual average salary in West Virginia is $56,243.

However, this is only a lower-level estimate of the job.

Your education, certifications, additional skills, and years spent in your profession can quickly increase this figure to $89,429.

This specialty’s need in any location in West Virginia can also result in a higher wage.

Annual Salary Range:
Item Percent

Average Salary in West Virginia

City Name Salary
Charleston $56,997
Huntington $55,889
Parkersburg $55,564
Wheeling $61,258
Morgantown $61,258
Weirton $61,001
Fairmont $61,258
Beckley $56,496
Clarksburg $55,063
Martinsburg $69,342

Court Reporter Programs by State

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