How to Become a Court Reporter in Tennessee

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Court reporters must create legal transcripts that will remain a part of the state for many decades to come.

As a court reporter, you’ll be responsible for providing descriptions during depositions, administrative hearings, trials, and other types of legal proceedings.

Court reporters must be certified and have the necessary education under their belts.

If you are thinking about becoming a court reporter in Tennessee, this guide will provide you with information on how to become one by first ensuring that you receive the necessary education.

How to Become a Court Reporter in Tennessee

Here is a list of steps that you must take before you can start your career as a court reporter:

Obtain a Court Reporting Degree

Tennessee requires court reporters to meet educational requirements to become certified court reporters.

You can start by enrolling in a degree program by selecting one of several schools throughout the state that offer court reporting programs.

These programs are designed to prepare you for a career in court reporting.

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Tennessee has many schools across the state that offer court reporting degrees, including:

  • Fundamentals of Court Reporting
  • Associates of Science in Court Reporting
  • Associates of Stenography

Obtain Certification

There are three national associations that prospective court reporters can obtain certification in Tennessee.

Once you have become officially certified, you must submit your application to the board.

You must also submit proof of your certification.

Here are the three national associations in Tennessee:

  • The Certified Verbatim Reporters Association
  • The National Court Reporters Association
  • The American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers

Send in the Application and Fee

Following your official certification, you must submit your application, a $50 fee, and a copy of your certification to the Tennessee Board of Court Reporting.

They are located in Nashville, TN.

If you have recently relocated to Tennessee and already possess a court reporter license from another state, you may automatically be granted a Tennessee state license without having to undergo additional certification.

However, you must still submit your application and a copy of the license.

Search for Employment in Tennessee

Once you have officially received your license in the mail, you can now start your search for employment in Tennessee as a court reporter.

There are various private sectors throughout the state that employ court reporters, such as Freedom Reporting, Edwards Reporting, and the National Court Reporters in Tennessee.

Complete Continuing Education

20 hours of continuing education is mandatory in the state of Tennessee for all court reporters.

These 20 hours of continuing education are equivalent to two credits and must be completed before your license renewal date.

When renewing your license, you will also have to pay a $200 fee and submit another application.

Court Reporter Schools in Tennessee

Here is a list of schools throughout Tennessee that offer court reporting programs:

The University of MemphisThe University of Memphis

276 Administration Building l Memphis, TN 38152 l 855-520-6806

The court reporting program at The University of Memphis will teach students how to create legal transcripts, transcript formatting, digital reporting, and much more.

This course is self-paced. You can start and finish at your convenience.

However, you will be given six months upon registration to finish the course.

The course costs a total of $1,595.00

The University of Tennesee KnoxvilleThe University of Tennesee Knoxville

313 UT Conference Center Building l Knoxville, TN 37996 l 855-520-6806

Just like The University of Memphis, the court reporting program at The University of Tennessee Knoxville offers a self-paced court reporting program.

When registering, students will be given six months to complete the course.

The course costs $795.00.

The digital court reporter course provides students with the opportunity to understand the ins and outs of court reporting and the legal system.

The University of Tennessee ChattanoogaThe University of Tennessee Chattanooga

311 East MLK Blvd k Chattanooga, TN 37403 l 423-425-4344

This is another self-paced court reporting education program in Tennessee.

Upon registration, students will have six months to complete the course.

The course is completely online and students will learn transcript formatting, legal and medical terminology, parts of speech, and much more.

Students can become court reporters in as little as three weeks.

The course will prepare students to enter the world of court reporting as either a legal transcriber or a digital court reporter.

You will receive 120 course hours for a total of $1,995.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are some additional places to look for employment as a court reporter in Tennessee?

You can check the Tennessee state judiciary for employment.

You can also check with various courts in the state, such as:

  • Tennessee Municipal Court
  • Tennessee Supreme Court
  • Tennesee Circuit Court
  • Tennesee Court of Appeals

How are court records used in the state of Tennessee?

Court records that have been previously produced can be used when a ruling has been appealed.

The party that filed an appeal may refer to the court record for further information.

In addition, court justices may occasionally review court records if they are taking an appeal into consideration.

There are many court reporters who choose to work directly for a business or provide closed captioning services. What court reporting firms in Tennessee employ court reporters for these purposes?

  • Huseby, Inc.
  • Chambers Legal Production
  • A to Z Reporting Services
  • Hall & Associates Court Reporters
  • Chambers Legal Production
  • Morrow & Associates
  • Alpha Reporting Corporation

Court Reporter Salary Information

The average salary in the state of Tennessee for court reporters is $58,233 a year.

The normal range in the state can vary anywhere between $42,016 and $76,218.

The salary that a court reporter can make will vary depending on additional skills, certifications, education, and experience.

Annual Salary Range:
Item Percent

Average Salary in Tennessee

City Name Salary
Memphis $57,985
Nashville $58,338
Knoxville $57,410
Chattanooga $56,414
Clarksville $56,834
Murfreesboro $57,900
Jackson $57,547
Johnson $54,459
Kingsport $54,663
Franklin $58,134

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