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10 Most Affordable Homeland Security Degree Programs

After the September 11 attacks, homeland security has emerged as a new and crucial department of the U.S. government, which has experienced extensive job growth. Security, homeland defense, and emergency preparedness are many job duties of homeland security professionals. With the favorable job outlook, more schools offer programs to prepare students for careers as response […]

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10 Best Online Associate’s in Homeland Security Programs

If you are interested in keeping America safe, you should consider a career in Homeland Security. An Associate’s degree in Homeland Security is a great way to get started. You’ll spend two years to get your degree. Then, you’ll be prepared to start a new career in homeland security. Positions include Immigration services, airport security, […]

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10 Best Master’s in Homeland Security Programs

The increase in domestic and global threats, the rise of extremism, the increase in global disasters, and various other threats led to the development of a strong focus on homeland security. Professionals who work in the field of homeland security complete rigorous training and education. These best master’s degree programs in homeland security prepare tomorrow’s […]

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25 Highest-Paying Homeland Security Jobs

A position with the Department of Homeland Security can have you inspecting millions of pieces of mail, doing a stakeout on a criminal investigation, patrolling our borders on horseback, or protecting the United States President, among numerous other tasks. It can be one of the most exciting careers to follow. Being government positions, the pay […]

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Is a Homeland Security Degree Worth It?

If you want to become a Homeland Security agent, it all starts with a degree in Homeland Security. But how do you know this is a wise investment for your career goals? After all, some programs might not be as good as other training courses. Find out the benefits of a Homeland Security degree to […]

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14 Pros and Cons of Working for the Department of Homeland Security

Looking for a career that offers a sense of adventure, stability, and a chance to make a difference in the world? Consider looking into a position with Homeland Security. Established in 2002, Homeland Security is made up of 22 different departments and agencies and employs 350,000 people. They provide opportunities in a variety of areas […]

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How Long Does it Take to Complete a Degree in Homeland Security?

A Homeland Security degree sounds like something from a Jason Bourne movie. However, anyone can apply to college and start training as a US Department of Homeland Security agent. It all starts with a bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security, which can take several years to complete. Consider whether you have the time to get this […]

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8 Best Entry-Level Jobs for Homeland Security Graduates

If you’ve ever pictured yourself detecting cyber threats, patrolling US borders, and chasing down drug smugglers and international criminals via land, sea, air, or computer — starting a career in Homeland Security sounds like just the right career track for you! America’s Homeland Security graduates can take on a variety of roles in law enforcement, […]

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10 Best Online Bachelor’s in Homeland Security Programs

Homeland Security professionals are at the forefront of America’s fight for safeguarding our nation’s safety. The US Department of Homeland Security hires and trains qualified citizens to protect our borders, waterways, seaports, and airports from hidden threats like terrorist attacks, cyber-attacks, and natural disasters. Today’s Homeland Security professionals can work in law enforcement, digital intelligence, […]

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