10 Best Criminal Justice Schools in Maryland

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Start a Career in Criminal Justice by Attending One of the Best Criminal Justice Schools in Maryland!

Have you ever imagined yourself supporting criminal justice professionals like judges, lawyers, law enforcement officers, and corrections officers as a career?

If so, a criminal justice career sounds like the right pathway for you!

The first step to take towards starting your Maryland criminal justice career is to get the best education possible!

If you’re not sure where to begin your criminal justice career in Maryland, refer to the guide below.

It contains essential information about some of the best criminal justice programs in Maryland.

Best Criminal Justice Schools in Maryland

The best criminal justice schools in Maryland offer students a comprehensive criminal justice education.

These accredited programs teach students about how the American court systems work together with law enforcement, corrections, probation, and social service agencies to administer justice and support to the accused.

Find details about programs, course offerings, and tuition estimates in the guide below.

Then, reach out to your favorite program when you’re ready to take the next steps to learn about application dates, enrollment options, and financial aid.

1 Prince George's Community College - Main Campus

About the Program

Prince George’s Community College offers criminal justice students the opportunity to enroll in their 60-credit hour Criminal Justice Career Program.

Their program emphasizes workforce readiness and teaches students the fundamentals of social policy, law enforcement, and administration of justice through the courts via corrections.

Students who complete their program are ready for entry-level criminal justice jobs in Maryland and continue their education by transferring credits to four-year colleges or universities.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • American National Government
  • Police Operations
  • General Psychology
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Criminal Evidence and Procedure
  • Victimology and Violence
  • Police Management
  • Terrorism and Biosecurity

Average Program Costs: $14,000.00

Contact Information

2 Bowie State University

About the Program

Students who enroll in the Criminal Justice and Corrections program at Bowie State University can earn a degree in criminal justice by taking related coursework on campus or online.

Their criminal justice program emphasizes topics related to the law, community advocacy, and forensic science.

BSU Students learn the fundamentals of what drives crime and criminal behavior.

They also learn about the history of judicial practices related to criminal offenses along with legal and ethical issues in handling convicted criminals through the administration of justice by local, state, and federal courts and corrections departments.

Courses Offered

  • Cause and Effect – Crime and Criminal Behavior
  • History of Justice Practices
  • Theories and Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Law Enforcement and Police Organizations
  • Courts, Criminal Law, and Legal Decisions
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods

Average Program Costs: $15,000.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 1400 Jericho Park Road, Bowie, Maryland
  • Phone: 301-860-4000
  • Website: Visit School Website

3 The Community College of Baltimore County

About the Program

The Criminal Justice Studies Department at The College of Baltimore County gives students the opportunity to work toward their Associate of Applied Sciences degree in criminal justice.

Their program emphasizes the function of law enforcement within the criminal justice system and prepares students for related careers as police officers, private security officers, parole officers, and corrections.

Students can take CCBC classes to work towards completion of their 60 credit hour AAS degree full-time, part-time, on campus, or online.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice and the Constitution
  • Criminal Law
  • Social Justice in the Urban Community
  • General Studies
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Criminalistics
  • Criminal Justice Internship
  • Criminal Investigation

Average Program Costs: $7,673.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 11101 McCormick Road #101, Hunt Valley, Maryland
  • Phone: 410-771-6835
  • Website: Visit School Website

4 Anne Arundel Community College

About the Program

The Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Department at Anne Arundel Community College offers students a variety of criminal justice degree and certificate options.

Students can earn an associate’s degree or credit certificate in criminal justice in Cybercrime, Forensic Police Science, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, and Policy Academy Law.

Anne Arundel students should be prepared to take general education courses along with interdisciplinary coursework to fulfill prerequisites and major requirements as they work toward completing their degree programs.

Courses Offered

  • General Education
  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Justice Ethics
  • Cybercrime
  • Digital Forensics
  • Clinical Forensics
  • Introduction to Forensic Science
  • Criminal Law
  • Police Operations
  • Police Administration
  • Investigation and Criminalistics
  • Introduction to Homeland Security
  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism

Average Program Costs: 16,000.00

Contact Information

5 Coppin State University

About the Program

Coppin State University’s Department of Criminal Justice trains students on how to understand, navigate, and ethically administer justice within America’s criminal justice system.

Their program emphasizes criminology and gives a comprehensive overview of the criminal lifecycle from social issues that lead to crime through the administration of justice by law enforcement and corrections.

They offer a minor in criminal justice along with bachelor’s, master’s, and certificate-level courses making it easier for students to make quick entry into the field while pursuing higher education in criminal justice studies.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Processes in Criminal Justice
  • Principles of Criminal Law
  • Police Organization and Management I, II, and III
  • Criminal Procedures
  • Penology
  • Introduction to Poverty Law
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Police Community Relations
  • Institutional Corrections
  • Cooperative Field Placement

Average Program Costs: $6,010.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 2500 West North Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Phone: 410-951-3000
  • Website: Visit School Website

6 The University of Baltimore

About the Program

The University of Baltimore has a criminal justice degree program that has been certified by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

Their four-year degree program is interdisciplinary and teaches students the fundamentals of the criminal justice system, how administrative procedures work within the system, and theories about criminology.

U-Balt students combine their criminal justice coursework with related studies in government, social sciences, and information technology.

The University of Baltimore’s program readies students for a variety of different careers in criminal justice and admission into their master’s program.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Crime
  • Crime Prevention
  • Research, Design, and Analysis
  • Fundamentals of Criminal Justice
  • Organization and Administration of Criminal Justice
  • Advanced Criminal Justice Studies
  • Criminal Justice Internship

Average Program Costs: $16,000.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 1420 North Charles Street, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Phone: 410-837-4200
  • Website: Visit School Website

7 Cecil College

About the Program

Cecil College has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice, which gives students an introduction to how the American criminal justice system works in the areas of crime, deviance, and forensics.

Students taking classes at Cecil work towards a two-year criminal justice degree that prepares them for entry-level criminal justice jobs and transfer to four-year institutions to continue their studies.

Courses of study for Cecil students include theoretical, practical, and hands-on courses that prepare them for real-life confrontations with criminals in the field.

Courses Offered

  • General Education Courses
  • United States History
  • Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Criminology
  • Introduction to Walking for Fitness
  • Professional Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Law
  • Police and Society

Average Program Costs: $9,226.00

Contact Information

8 Frostburg State University

About the Program

Frostburg State University offers a Criminal and Legal Studies bachelor’s degree program that integrates social science, ethics, and legal components of criminal justice into their coursework.

Students enrolled in their program are introduced to the world of criminal justice, law enforcement, ethics, and administration.

Criminal justice students who successfully complete the Frostburg State University training program are prepared to begin entry-level employment in their chosen profession as soon as they graduate.

Courses Offered

  • Criminal Studies
  • Legal Studies
  • Internship
  • Social Causes and Consequences of Criminal Behavior
  • Criminal Law
  • Police, Courts, and Correctional Institutions
  • American Public Policy
  • Analytics
  • Social and Economic Justice

Average Program Costs: $16,000.00

Contact Information

9 University of Maryland Global Campus

About the Program

The University of Maryland’s online Global Campus gives students the option to work towards a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice online.

Their 120-credit hour program is delivered entirely online with hybrid course options available.

UMGC’s program teaches its students the fundamentals of crime and criminal behavior.

Students will learn how to think more critically and to make ethical decisions when dealing with criminals in the justice system and courts.

Students learn administrative, practical, and legal skills to help them excel in the field.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Law Enforcement Administration
  • Correctional Administration
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Ethical Behavior in Criminal Justice
  • Drugs and Crime
  • Victimology
  • Criminal Justice Capstone

Average Program Costs: $16,000.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 3501 University Boulevard East, Adelphi, Maryland
  • Phone: 800-888-8682
  • Website: Visit School Website

10 Allegany College of Maryland

About the Program

Students who want to learn about how the criminal justice system works in the areas of administration of justice and law enforcement can study criminal justice and earn an Associate’s degree at Allegany College of Maryland.

They offer two program tracks.

One track is for students who want to begin working as criminal justice professionals immediately after graduation.

The second track is designed for students who wish to further their criminal justice education by transferring to four-year colleges or taking pre-law classes for law school.

Allegany College also offers students a basic introduction to the criminal justice system in their one-year certificate program.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Corrections
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Cyber Law
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Criminal Evidence and Procedure
  • Introduction to American Constitutional Law
  • Advanced Policing

Average Program Costs: 9,411.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 12401 Willowbrook Road, Cumberland, Maryland
  • Phone: 301-784-5000
  • Website: Visit School Website

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Prince George's Community College - Main Campus
#2 Bowie State University
#3 The Community College of Baltimore County
#4 Anne Arundel Community College
#5 Coppin State University
#6 The University of Baltimore
#7 Cecil College
#8 Frostburg State University
#9 University of Maryland Global Campus
#10 Allegany College of Maryland

Criminal Justice Salary Information

If you’re wondering how much police officers, criminal investigators, and similar professionals make in Maryland, you’ll be happy to learn that criminal justice professionals working in Maryland earn competitive salaries in enriching careers.

Salaries below reflect the average annual earnings for criminal justice workers in administrative, legal, and law enforcement positions around Maryland.

  • Criminal Investigator: $78,956.00
  • Police Officer: $59,954.00
  • Lawyer: $92,911.00
  • Judge: $181,333.00
  • Corrections Officer: $49,181.00
  • Paralegal: $54,173.00

It is important to note that salaries for Maryland’s criminal justice professionals will vary depending on the number of years of experience in the field, certifications and licensure earned, job titles, and work locations.

Annual Salary Range:
Item Percent

Average Salary in Maryland

City Name Salary
Baltimore $78,373
Frederick $81,889
Gaithersburg $84,640
Bowie $84,690
Rockville $84,767
Hagerstown $77,488
Annapolis $80,785
College Park $84,869
Salisbury $81,049
Cumberland $69,956

Regional Salary

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Baltimore-Columbia-Towson, MD470$117,110$56.31$169,120$58,750
Hagerstown-Martinsburg, MD-WV40$115,960$55.75$173,580$45,550
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Detectives and Criminal Investigators, OCC Code 33-3021, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Criminal Justice Schools by State

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