10 Best Criminal Justice Schools in Michigan

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Have you ever wondered what it is like to take a ride on the inside of a police car — from the driver’s side?

You’re definitely not alone.

If you’re a Michigander who is thinking about starting a career in criminal justice as a police officer, criminal investigator, attorney, or corrections officer — this guide is for you!

Our guide provides a comprehensive overview of some of the most sought-after criminal justice programs in the state.

We provide details on course offerings, campus locations, and estimates on the average cost of attendance for each school below.

Best Criminal Justice Schools in Michigan

The best criminal justice schools in Michigan offer students a direct route into the field of criminal justice through education.

Many of the programs below offer certificates, associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s level degrees for aspiring criminal justice students.

The criminal justice schools below are examples of some of the best schools in the state that train aspiring criminal justice professionals for entry-level employment or continuing education on the following education and career tracks.

  • Police Officers
  • Corrections Officers
  • Pre-Law
  • Parole Officers
  • Policy Academy
  • Criminal Investigators
  • Conservation Law

What’s in the Guide to Michigan’s Best Criminal Justice Schools?

Get details on course options, and average costs of attendance, and learn how much criminal justice professionals make each year in Michigan.

Read on to learn more about Michigan’s top criminal justice programs and what they offer local students!

1 Michigan State University

About the Program

MSU’s School of Criminal Justice in the College of Social Science has a few program options for local area students to earn their undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree in a criminal justice-related field.

They also offer certificate programs for students who want to make a shorter time commitment before beginning entry-level employment.

Students who take their program learn to understand the drivers of crime, how crime affects our entire society, and how justice is administered to guilty defendants passing from the court system into the Michigan Department of Corrections system.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Corrections
  • Topics in Criminal Justice
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Criminology
  • Methods of Criminal Justice Research
  • Private Security
  • Policing
  • Crime, Mass Media, and Society
  • Violence Against Women

Average Program Costs: $11,000.00

Contact Information

2 Northern Michigan University

About the Program

NMU has a Criminal Justice or Loss Prevention Management program for criminal justice students.

They designed their program for students seeking careers as law enforcement, court officials, and social service providers related to the criminal justice system.

Students who take classes at NMU will gain access to top-notch research technology to detain and fingerprint suspects and immersive training through the use of mock crime scenes.

NMU offers on-campus and online training options for students working towards bachelor’s, associate, or minor degrees in the field.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Investigation
  • Drugs, Crime, and the Justice System
  • Conservation Law Enforcement
  • Introduction to Policing
  • Criminology
  • Introduction to Corrections
  • Criminal Procedure

Average Program Costs: $17,000.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 1401 Presque Isle Avenue, Marquette, Michigan
  • Phone: 906-227-2660
  • Website: Visit School Website

3 Concordia University - Ann Arbor

About the Program

Criminal justice students seeking to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice can take coursework at Concordia University in Ann Arbor.

Their 120-credit hour program teaches aspiring criminal justice professionals and public policy the fundamentals of the American justice system, public policies, and administration of justice to those found guilty of crimes.

They offer two criminal justice concentrations and experiential learning opportunities through immersive internships where students practice theoretical skills in real-life environments.

Courses Offered

  • Foundations of Leadership
  • Criminal Behavior
  • Court Administration
  • The American Court System
  • Criminal Law
  • Stress Management
  • Law Enforcement
  • Leadership
  • Management of Criminal Justice
  • Ethics and Justice in Service
  • Internships

Average Program Costs: $25,000.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 4090 Geddess Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan - 48105
  • Phone: 734-995-7300
  • Website: Visit School Website

4 Western Michigan University - Kalamazoo

About the Program

WMU offers its Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice studies to students who want to work in America’s courtrooms, police departments, and correctional facilities.

Their program emphasizes the nature and causes of crime and explores the effects that crimes have on our society as a whole.

Students can study in on-campus or online courses with concentrations in criminal justice or justice studies to lay the foundation for an undergraduate criminal justice degree, entry-level employment, and continuing criminal justice education through law school.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice Studies
  • Computer Law
  • American History since 1877
  • National Government
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Criminology
  • Philosophy of Law
  • Issues in Contemporary Politics
  • Courts and Society

Average Program Costs: $19,000.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 1903 West Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • Phone: 269-387-5720
  • Website: Visit School Website

5 Wayne State University

About the Program

Detroit area students interested in starting a criminal justice career can take classes at Wayne State University’s Criminology and Criminal Justice department.

Undergrads and graduate students at Wayne State learn about the major drivers of crime in our society.

Their program also helps students prepare for entry-level careers in the administration of justice through the courts, detaining criminals through law enforcement efforts, and housing convicted criminals in America’s correctional facilities.

Their bachelor’s degree requires students to complete 120 credit hours of related study and earn their degree upon completion.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Research Methods in Criminal Justice
  • Outsiders and Deviants
  • Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice
  • Corrections
  • Crime and Public Health
  • Criminalistics
  • Politics of the Criminal Justice Process
  • Gender and Crime
  • Mental Health and Crime

Average Program Costs: $15,000.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 656 West Kirby Street, Detroit, Michigan - 48202
  • Phone: 313-577-2705
  • Website: Visit School Website

6 University of Michigan - Dearborn

About the Program

Michigan students looking for top-notch criminal justice education can earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a related field at the University of Michigan in Dearborn.

Their criminal justice program leads students to a four-year degree and allows for dual enrollment and accelerated learning options for students seeking a master’s degree simultaneously.

Courses Offered

  • Deviant Behavior
  • Principles of Restorative Justice
  • Law and Culture
  • Legal Ethics
  • Sociology of Law
  • Current Issues in Criminal Justice
  • Criminal Procedures in the Constitution
  • Intelligence and Homeland Security
  • Criminological Theory

Average Program Costs: $12,000.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 4901 Evergreen Road, Dearborn, Michigan
  • Phone: 313-593-5000
  • Website: Visit School Website

7 Grand Rapids Community College

About the Program

GRCC operates a college-level criminal justice program in partnership with local law enforcement agencies.

Their program gives students an in-depth perspective on the roles of policing, diversity, and community.

Students who take criminal justice studies at Grand Rapids Community College are exposed to the latest technology used by law enforcement and justice officials in small class sizes that allow them to focus on their major or minor area of study.

Courses Offered

  • Law Enforcement
  • Police Academy
  • Sheriff’s Corrections Academy
  • Pre-Criminal Justice
  • Juvenile Services
  • Corrections
  • Public Service
  • Addictions Studies

Average Program Costs: $8,940.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 143 Bostwick Avenue, North East, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Phone: 616-234-4000
  • Website: Visit School Website

8 Lansing Community College

About the Program

Lansing Community College is one of the best criminal justice schools in Michigan that trains students on a law enforcement and corrections officer track.

Their criminal justice program is accredited by the Michigan Department of Corrections and prepares students to work in law enforcement and corrections facilities within the state.

They also operate an accredited police academy for students seeking to become Michigan Police Officers.

LCC’s police academy is accredited by Michigan’s Commission on Law Enforcement Standards.

Students can work toward a certificate or associate degree through LCC’s accredited criminal justice studies program.

Courses Offered

  • Digital Evidence Specialist
  • Law Enforcement
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Corrections Officer
  • Police Academy
  • Corrections

Average Program Costs: $4,844.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 600 North Grand Avenue, Lansing, Michigan
  • Phone: 517-483-1957
  • Website: Visit School Website

9 Spring Arbor University

About the Program

Michigan students seeking a private criminal justice education can enter the criminal justice program at Spring Arbor University.

They train local area students on how to implement restorative justice by learning the fundamentals of crime, criminals, and the administration of justice.

Spring Arbor University offers a major and minor in criminal justice studies.

Students who complete their program will also complete an experiential learning internship where they learn firsthand about the duties of their newly chosen profession.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Crime, Corrections, and Criminal Justice
  • Criminological Theory
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Restorative Justice
  • Racial and Ethnic Relations
  • Criminal Justice Policy
  • Internship

Average Program Costs: $20,000.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 106 East Main Street, Spring Arbor, Michigan
  • Phone: 517-750-6684
  • Website: Visit School Website

10 Washtenaw Community College

About the Program

Washtenaw Community College gives students several routes to criminal justice careers.

They offer an associate’s degree program in criminal justice and law enforcement programs for students who want to become a police officer in Michigan.

Their employment-based education and training programs focus on teaching students the essential skills needed to work as police officers, corrections officers, probation officers, and other law enforcement officials within the state.

Most students can complete their program within two to three years and then begin working in entry-level criminal justice jobs or continue their education to earn a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • Everyday Law
  • Criminal Justice Ethics
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Evidence and Procedure
  • Parole, Probation, and Community Corrections

Average Program Costs: $2,995.00

Contact Information

  • Address: 4800 East Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Phone: 734-973-3300
  • Website: Visit School Website

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Michigan State University
#2 Northern Michigan University
#3 Concordia University - Ann Arbor
#4 Western Michigan University - Kalamazoo
#5 Wayne State University
#6 University of Michigan - Dearborn
#7 Grand Rapids Community College
#8 Lansing Community College
#9 Spring Arbor University
#10 Washtenaw Community College

Criminal Justice Salary Information

Wondering how much Michigan’s police officers make?

Michigan’s criminal justice salaries vary by factors, including years of experience on the job, education, work location, and continuing education options like licensing and certification.

Regardless of which career track you choose, research shows criminal justice employees make a decent living in Michigan.

Following are examples of the average annual salaries of legal, administrative, and law enforcement-based criminal justice professionals in Michigan.

  • Judge/Magistrate: $68,505.00 per year
  • Lawyer: $82,450.00 per year
  • Police Officer: $55,277.00
  • Corrections Officer: $41,072.00
  • Probation Officer: $57,461.00
  • Paralegal: $51,604.00
  • Criminal Investigator: $92,135.00

*Use this salary table as a guideline to help you choose the best criminal justice school in Michigan that offers degree or certificate options based on the career track you’re interested in.

Annual Salary Range:
Item Percent

Average Salary in Michigan

City Name Salary
Detroit $77,085
Grand Rapids $73,936
Warren $77,085
Flint $71,065
Sterling Heights $76,841
Lansing $73,799
Ann Arbor $78,671
Livonia $76,841
Dearborn $77,085
Westland $77,573

Regional Salary

Region Employed Avg. Annual Salary Avg. Hourly Pay Top 10% Annual Salary Bottom 10% Annual Salary
Ann Arbor, MI50$105,890$50.91$155,750$66,860
Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI1,100$101,790$48.94$160,080$64,890
Flint, MI90$92,810$44.62$155,750$63,440
Grand Rapids-Wyoming, MI140$97,870$47.05$141,540$69,830
Kalamazoo-Portage, MI40$81,620$39.24$99,670$63,440
Lansing-East Lansing, MI160$83,440$40.12$99,670$64,470
Saginaw, MI30$74,880$36$99,200$62,050
* Salary information based on the May 2022 Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) Survey for Detectives and Criminal Investigators, OCC Code 33-3021, BLS.
* Employment conditions in your area may vary.

Criminal Justice Schools by State

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