5 Best Paralegal Schools in McAllen, TX

If you have ever imagined yourself providing hands-on support, conducting legal research, and drafting legal documents in fast-paced law offices and courtrooms in Texas, this is the guide for you!

Today’s paralegals work side by side with top attorneys in local law firms, courtrooms, and corporate legal departments to provide indispensable administrative support for trial preparation, document management, and client support services.

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This guide provides an outline of the paralegal profession in Texas, along with important details on how much Texas paralegals make and information on the best paralegal schools in the area.

According to the BLS, the demand for skilled paralegals is projected to rise over the next few years.

Now is a great time to begin an exciting career that doesn’t require an advanced college degree.

Find out what it takes to become a paralegal in McAllen, Texas, and learn more about who certifies Texas paralegals in our comprehensive guide below!

Best Paralegal Schools in McAllen, TX

The best paralegal schools in McAllen, TX, put students on track to beginning entry-level careers that can go on to include years of supportive practice or as a foundation for law school.

Texas paralegal schools and vocational programs award paralegal certificates and paralegal degrees that equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to complete national certification tests and work as entry-level legal support professionals with extended privileges.

Texas-based paralegal training programs below offer local students a substantive legal education based on the principles and laws of the US legal system and Texas law.

The following degrees and certificates are available for graduates of the best paralegal schools listed below.

  • Paralegal Certificate
  • Associate of Applied Sciences Degree for Paralegal Studies
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Paralegal Studies
  • Juris Doctorate Degree

McAllen, Texas, is located in southern Texas near the border of Mexico.

Students living in the southern part of the state who are seeking paralegal education and training can enroll for campus-based or web-based paralegal studies at the following schools.

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1 South Texas College

Certified Paralegal certificate seekers can earn college credit towards a paralegal certificate at South Texas College.

‘STC operates an online paralegal training program in partnership with the education provider Ed2Go.

Their paralegal studies program introduces students to the substantive legal concepts needed to work as skilled legal assistants in a variety of judicial scenarios.

Program graduates become eligible to sit for the certified paralegal exam which is administered by the National Association of Legal Assistants.

Students are allotted twelve months to complete introductory legal courses, including an introduction to the paralegal profession, fundamentals of the American legal system, local law, policy, and ethics-based client support skills.

Courses Offered

  • Regulations of Paralegals
  • Introduction to Legal Analysis
  • Legal Interviewing
  • Criminal Law
  • Laws Affecting Business
  • NALA Certification Prep

Contact Information

  • Address: 3201 West Pecan Boulevard, McAllen, Texas - 78501
  • Phone: 855-520-6806
  • Website: Visit School Website

2 The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

The Continuing Education Department at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley gives local students the opportunity to attend virtual instructor-led paralegal training through its paralegal certificate program.

Students log in to a virtual Zoom classroom to interact with instructors and peers as they learn the substantive legal techniques and practices that will enable them to pass national certification exams and begin entry-level paralegal careers upon graduation.

UTRGVs paralegal certificate program is designed to train both new and working paralegals on the latest technology, tools, ethics, and legal techniques needed to support local attorneys and clients in areas of substantive law.

Program graduates will be versed in legal research, documentation, and legal terminology as they take the next step and begin supporting attorneys as certified paralegals.

Courses Offered

  • Legal Research – Westlaw
  • Legal Writing
  • Legal Terminology
  • Legal Investigation and Interviewing
  • Legal Document Preparation
  • Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure

Contact Information

  • Address: 101 St Joseph Drive, Brownsville, Texas - 78520
  • Phone: 956-665-2071
  • Website: Visit School Website

3 University of Texas at San Antonio

The University of Texas at San Antonio administers an online paralegal certificate program that trains future Texas paralegals at their own pace.

This Texas paralegal studies program was designed and implemented by local attorneys and other legal professionals.

Students gain a basic introduction to the United States legal system and the Texas legal system in legal courses that teach them how to read and interpret legal documents, communicate with legal clients and interview witnesses, and a variety of administrative and legal skills used to support practicing attorneys.

UTSAs paralegal program is broken down into three segments.

Most students complete the UTSA program within twelve months.  

Courses Offered

  • Civil Litigation
  • Torts
  • Legal Research
  • Criminal Law
  • Legal Technology
  • Legal Document Drafting
  • Legal Analysis

Contact Information

  • Address: 501 West Cesar Chavez Boulevard, San Antonio, Texas - 78207
  • Phone: 210-458-7223
  • Website: Visit School Website

4 Alamo Colleges District

Aspiring paralegals in McAllen can take internet-based paralegal courses at the Alamo Colleges District.

Their online program is specifically designed for local paralegals seeking to become well-versed in the law and provide hands-on administrative support for local attorneys.

ACD’s paralegal program follows the national certification track set forth by NALA.

Coursework is geared towards educating students on important topics in substantive law practices and providing administrative support for clients and local lawyers.

Graduating students are prepared for the national certification exam upon earning their ACD certificate.

Courses Offered

  • Introduction to the Legal System
  • Legal Interviewing
  • Legal Research
  • Introduction to Law Office Administration
  • Contracts, Insurance, and Property Law
  • Estates and Family Law

Contact Information

  • Address: 2222 North Alamo Street, San Antonio, Texas - 78215
  • Phone: 218-212-5266
  • Website: Visit School Website

5 The University of Texas at Austin

Paralegal hopefuls in McAllen seeking distance-based learning options for paralegal education can enroll in the Online Paralegal Certificate Program offered by UT Austin.

The Center for Professional Education at UT Austin delivers a 100% online paralegal training course for Texas students.

Their program allows students a full twelve months to learn the fundamental concepts of practicing substantive law in a supportive capacity.

Program participants delve into localized legal concepts, including the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure.

Students can expect to complete a combination of recorded lectures, interactive tests and quizzes, and textbook-based learning in this comprehensive paralegal curriculum.

Graduates leave the program with a foundational knowledge of the US legal system and Texas Law.

Courses Offered

  • Tort Law for Paralegals
  • Litigation for Paralegals
  • Contract Law for Paralegals
  • Texas Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Legal Technology
  • Legal Document Preparation and File Management

Contact Information

  • Address: Center for Professional Education - 1616 Guadalupe Street, Austin, Texas - 78701
  • Phone: 512-471-2905
  • Website: Visit School Website

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 South Texas College
#2 The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
#3 University of Texas at San Antonio
#4 Alamo Colleges District
#5 The University of Texas at Austin

Paralegal Salary Information

McAllen, TX-based paralegals command lucrative salaries that can go as high as $104,000.00 per year.

The average salary for local legal assistants falls between $51,000.00 and just over $104,000.00 per year.

Several factors can account for salary deviations.

For example, more experienced paralegals with years of substantive experience and advanced legal certifications will likely command higher salaries than entry-level law clerks at the beginning of their careers.

Texas paralegals boost their annual earnings potential by taking on legal specialties where there is a dire need for administrative legal support.

Annual Salary Range:
Item Percent

Average Salary in McAllen, TX

City Name Salary
McAllen, TX $66,330

How to Become a Certified Paralegal In Texas

Becoming a paralegal in Texas requires new candidates to complete a nationally or locally recognized education program that prepares them to pass the required certification exams.

Potential candidates with proof of substantive work experience can also qualify for certification.

The State Bar of Texas operates a specialized division that provides ongoing support services for working and certified paralegals.

They currently recognize three paralegal certifications.

  1. National Association of Legal Assistants – Certified Paralegal (CP)
  2. National Federation of Paralegal Associations – Core Registered Paralegal (CRP)
  3. Texas Board of Legal Specialization – Board-Certified Paralegal

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization is a state-based entity that issues local certification credentials for Texas paralegals. 

Learn more about how to become a certified paralegal in the Lone Star State by visiting the State Bar of Texas website

Follow the Steps Below to Become a Paralegal in McAllen, Texas

Becoming a Texas paralegal requires a commitment to completing paralegal education on campus or through distance learning programs. Graduates are then required to pass national or regional certification exams.

Candidates who pass their exams are issued entry-level paralegal credentials.

Step #1. – Finish High School and Meet Age Requirements

To apply for certification-based paralegal programs, new paralegal students must be at least 18 years old and have proof of completing their high school diploma or equivalent.

Step #2. – Research Paralegal Schools and Apply

Candidates who meet the minimum age and education requirements can research Texas-based paralegal programs to find the best fit for their lifestyle, budget, and learning style.

Step #3. Apply for Paralegal Certification

Paralegal graduates who have earned certificates, diplomas, or degrees can apply for paralegal certification through a national agency or the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Candidates who pass certification exams will be issued the relevant credentials by their chosen certifying authority.

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization offers an optional certification for Texas Registered Paralegals.

Step #4. – Find A Paralegal Job in Texas

Certified paralegals can move to seek paralegal employment with their preferred local legal employer.

Many career centers at the vocational schools and colleges listed below offer job placement support for program graduates.

Step #5. – Renew Your Paralegal Credentials

One of the most important steps for new paralegals to take is to renew their certification credentials.

Each agency that issues credentials has its requirements for earning the required number of continuing legal education credits for recertification.

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